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  • Title: Aquarius: He Said, He Said
  • Author: Jamie Craig
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  • He said So what if I thought he was gorgeous He was also kind of a jerk But then our kids decided to be best buddies, and I kept having to see the guy, andwell, keeping him strictly as fantasy material who never opened his mouth got a little harder after that And he said I don t have time for a personal life I have a son whose medical history requires my fullHe said So what if I thought he was gorgeous He was also kind of a jerk But then our kids decided to be best buddies, and I kept having to see the guy, andwell, keeping him strictly as fantasy material who never opened his mouth got a little harder after that And he said I don t have time for a personal life I have a son whose medical history requires my full attention and a company I need to keep afloat in this awful economy Making friends just isn t a priority At least until the choice got taken away from me On the surface, the only things single dads Peter Irving and Aaron Hardison have in common are their eight year old loner sons, who strike up a friendship But the continued play dates with the boys and meetings in the park force the men to re evaluate that position When Peter discovers Aaron isn t as straight as he thinks, they agree to a friends with benefits arrangement Sex for the sake of sex.But the men soon find out, even those appearances can be deceivingGenres Gay Contemporary Exhibitionism Public Places Series
    Jamie Craig
    Jamie Craig is actually a pen name for the collaboration of authors Vivien Dean author show and Pepper Espinoza author show ABOUT JAMIE CRAIGVivien Dean and Pepper Espinoza have been writing and publishing together as Jamie Craig since 2006 They have published with Juno Books, Samhain Publishing, Liquid Silver Books, and multiple titles with Amber Quill Press.Pepper Espinoza has been writing and publishing erotic romance since 2005 She grew up in Utah and lives there now, where the landscape and history provide a great deal of inspiration for her work Besides writing, she enjoys playing video games, watching movies, and going to concerts.Vivien Dean returned to writing in 2005, and has published with Liquid Silver Books, Samhain Publishing, and Amber Quill Press She currently resides in northern California with her husband and two children.

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    Genre & keywords:M/M, Contemporary Romance, FatherhoodSynopsis in short:On the surface, the only thing single dads Peter and Aaron have in common are their eight-year-old loner sons. They develop - reluctantly at first - a friendship thanks to the friendship of their sons, Morgan and Sammy.Setting: A modern city, probably San Francisco (Fisherman's Warf is mentioned). The men first meet in a city park where they take their kids to play. Other settings where the events take place are their ap [...]

    August 2015:This was my second read of this book and I honestly forgot how much I like Jamie Craig's books.The men in He Said, He Said are both single, dedicated fathers and initially fight their attraction to one another. When things finally get going physically, the sex is scorching. There is a miscommunication that causes some angst, but it resolves quickly and firmly settles this book as a comfort read for me. I would have liked for this to have been longer and more fleshed out, but I'll tak [...]

    When an M/M romance involves children -- it always makes it slightly more appealing. Maybe because in real life, having children probably not so easy for the gay parents. In this story, Jamie Craig does not only introduce one kid, but two adorable boys. Morgan, the more outgoing boy and Sammy, the one who is more subdued probably due to his health problem. And the boys pave ways for their fathers to meet. Peter, who is sharing custody of Morgan with his ex-wife, who despites having fuck buddies [...]

    for GB Q3 picked by MandyM. Sometimes in romances where kids are involved, they can overtake the story & make it all too sticky sweet. This one avoided this problem (just by a hair). The kids are just cute enough without causing cavities, the ex is just mean enough without becoming an arch villainess & the two men Peter & Aaron are just hot enough when they finally get together. This one was an enjoyable story.

    In this novel, we have two singles dads. Aaron is a widower while Peter is divorced. Their sons become friends at the park and the two dads develop a friendship and bit more on their own.I found Peter a bit too spineless for my liking. He allowed himself to be a doormat not just to Aaron, but to his kid and ex-wife as well. You’re going to email your ex-wife about getting a game/console for your kid you said he shouldn’t have? Email? Really? Co-parenting, I’m assuming doesn’t really work [...]

    Sandy Malone
    Loved this book, it wasnt all about the sex

    I liked the main characters of this story a lot. They are sweet and very likable. Great kids who weren't too precocious for their ages. Wonderful epilogue.

    Loved this book! Very sweet, not a "jump into bed & live HEA" And the friendship between the 2 kids was an extra nice touch!

    This is yet another book I've had sitting on my Kindle for months - maybe even close to a year - without reading, and now I'm wondering why I put it off for so long! This was such a sweet and relatively angst free read. It was kind of predictable with no real surprises or plot twists, just a cute and simple romance between two single fathers. It really was a lovely story. I loved that each chapter switched perspectives, so that we were able to see the developing friendship/relationship from both [...]

    I loved it! What a fabulous end to this not really connected series, or is it the end. I thought it was the last star-sign I had to read, but I'm sure there are 12 star-signs and according to GoodReads this is book 11, so there must be one more to come! Anyway this book is the perfect blend of hot and steamy sex and a beautiful tale of two single father's who fall in love in spite of themselves.

    I definitely can't think of any negative critic for this book. The plot of the story pulled me in from the start and I enjoyed it till the end. Both main couple characters, Peter and Aaron, are adult and mature who meet and fall in love. And the end is just perfect, maybe to perfect but its awesome to get that kind of ending in a book.I definitely LOVED IT! RECOMMENDED BOOK!!

    Edina Rose
    It was 5 stars to me until around location 950. Then it was too sexual, it was unexpected. I don't know why I expected the book to be more demure. Or the sex to come little by little. It was too much sex all at once. I liked how the fight and bullying issue was dealt with. Good book

    This was such an enjoyable read! I loved the relationship that developed between Peter and Aaron and felt the friendship and emotional connection through the pages. Morgan and Sam were completely adorable and just added that perfect family connection.

    I really enjoyed this book. I liked the M/C's and their children. It was a good HEA. The only thing that bothered me a bit was that the ending felt rushed. I would have a bit more about after they got together.

    Nichole (DirrtyH)
    Fantastic as always.

    Tamarrion Lash
    Хорошая, ровная, но не самая лучшая книга авторов. Читается легко и приятно, персонажи достойные, хэппи-энд хэппиэндистый.

    Enjoyed it.

    Lillian Francis
    Loved this. A believable romance with realistically written kids. Gorgeous.

    3,5 stars

    Cute short read.


    Sooo cuteoh my God,loved Peter and Aaron ^^

    3.5 stars

    It's that rarest of things: a book where the kids don't take over the story and actually ACT like kids, not precocious mini-adults. This was the perfect balance of romance and family.

    Sweet story about two single dads and their adorable little boys.

    This was a 3.5 for me but I bumped it up to four because is was so sweet!

    • ✓ Aquarius: He Said, He Said || ☆ PDF Download by ð Jamie Craig
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