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  • Title: One Night Is Never Enough
  • Author: Anne Mallory
  • ISBN: 9780062065759
  • Page: 380
  • Format: ebook

  • Anne Mallory gives classic romance a fresh and delightful spin with her clever plots and winning imagination Teresa Medeiros, New York Times Bestselling Author One Night is Never Enough especially when passion burns red hot, as it does in this wonderful Regency set love story from the extraordinary Anne Mallory The USA Today bestselling author carries us from London Anne Mallory gives classic romance a fresh and delightful spin with her clever plots and winning imagination Teresa Medeiros, New York Times Bestselling Author One Night is Never Enough especially when passion burns red hot, as it does in this wonderful Regency set love story from the extraordinary Anne Mallory The USA Today bestselling author carries us from London s glittering underworld to the ballrooms of the beau monde in this scorching tale of betrayal, lust, and seduction If you love the historical romance of Elizabeth Boyle and Julia Quinn, Anne Mallory is definitely for you Try this blistering romance about the criminal king of London whose heart is captured by the exquisite lady whose favors he won in a card game.
    Anne Mallory
    Some people have always known they wanted to write Others fall into it and discover its inherent joy I m somewhere in between As an avid reader, writing a novel had always tickled the back of my mind There seem to be a lot of people who say, Someday I ll write a book For me, the feeling tickled, moved into an incessant knocking and finally became a dull roar All I needed was to make that someday into today I ve always considered myself a creator, so transitioning to writer was not as grueling as it might have been From creating two minute stories for people on the street, to creating jewelry, crafts, stained glass, pottery, music, crazy art projects the list of things I like to create and buy all the necessary materials for keeps getting longer amidst my family s exasperated groans I love to start something from scratch, and then mold and shape it into a finished project Writing books provides a challenge I accept with relish and a bit of hair pulling Building a world, populating it with characters and giving them a script and satisfying ending what could a creative type ask for I ve always loved romance novels, ever since I started sneaking them from my Mom in elementary school I mean, what s not to love Rakish men and smart, feisty women, adventure and mystery, the love and loyalty between two people Give me a roomful of romances, some Agatha Christie, some Edgar Allan Poe, the Harry Potter series and an armful of other fantasy novels, and steady meals with chocolate and I m in heaven.And heaven is what I consider a particular cottage on an inland lake in northern Michigan during the summertime If you are headed up north this summer, maybe I ll see you on the way Anne Bytes or pseudo trivia Started writing on September 11th, 2001 as an escape from the day needed an escape with a happy ending Thinks that 11pm is a perfectly normal time to begin reading a 400 page book Escaped from Alcatraz story here Got a hole in one on a Par 3 and was just happy to have beaten her Dad on a hole for once After a quick rotating hip dance, she was surprised to see her Dad still looking from the tee to the hole where the ball had bounced once and dropped in His mouth was hanging open Anne s response What In coding terms, Anne golfer That s Anne is obviously not a golfer for you normal people Loves tubing behind a boat and roller coasters Cedar Point, here we come Loves paddleball, especially extreme paddleball In the normal variety of paddleball, she helped score 432 hits with Cousins J and Mg one summer day Played at Carnegie Hall and was so excited she launched her violin bow across the stage when she got to the picking section of the piece Thankfully said bow was recovered in time to start bowing once Saw a Great White Shark in real life at Monterey Bay Aquarium, thankfully Wrote her first and only until Masquerading book in sixth grade It was a thriller mystery centering around two sixth grade detectives Her Mom assures her it is still well loved read stashed in the attic Began Masquerading the Marquess on Good Friday 2002, sold it on Good Friday 2003 Considers herself a hobby collector Friends and Family like to call her hobby pack ratting Can relate to the line in Office Space, Um, I m gonna need you to go ahead and come in tomorrow So if you could be here around nine, that would be great Oh, oh, yea I forgot I m gonna also need you to come in Sunday too.


    *sigh* Can I find a way to un-read this book? Because I would kill to be able to read it and discover the magic of it all over again. It was perfect. *sigh* Perfect.Last September I was minding my own business when a GR friend urged me to read a book she had loved. I looked and realized that I had put that very same book on my wishlist a while ago but had never bought it. So I took the plunge and grabbed myself a copy. That book was Seven Secrets of Seduction (the first book in this series) and [...]

    There's nothing I adore and love more then a a self-made man as a hero in HRs, and the charming rouge that is Roman Merrick stole me heart with a smile and wink. Behind his mask lays a man whose seen darkness and death and fights it with ruthlessness hiding a gentle soul deep down. Charlotte is a cold ice queen, fighting off sharp dragger like words as she holds her head up high as her father flushes all her family, her sister and her chances along with their family money down the drain. Charlot [...]

    Tammy Walton Grant
    With apologies to Catherine, Juliana, Ally and Ana, and any other GR friends who love Anne MalloryHave you ever read a book that you think you should just LOVE, except for the fact that you don't?That's the way I feel about Anne Mallory. I should love her books. They are chock full of everything that I love. Witty dialogue, serious chemistry and sexual tension, intriguing storylines, original premises and to-die-for heroes. What's not to like about them?Something, I guess, because I've read 2 of [...]

    Juliana Philippa
    My thanks to Catherine, whose review spurred me into getting this book from the library after avoiding it when it first came out. I so loved Seven Secrets of Seduction, my first Anne Mallory book, that I didn't think anything could live up to it. While I still prefer SSoS, I really enjoyed One Night Is Never Enough and am very glad that I read it.The book was a mix of SSoS's-type plot, Dreaming of You's Derek Craven + Mine Till Midnight's Cam Rohan, and Notorious Pleasures's Hero (but better!) + [...]

    “I’m going to possess you, Charlotte.”His free hand caressed the flesh of her throat, then threaded into the hair at her nape, pulling the strands there, tipping her head back. Not harshly, but not gently either. “I’m going to take you and claim you and make you beg.” Charlotte Chatsworth is the perfect lady of the ton. Known for her beauty and her icy persona, she is envied by many. She is her father’s most powerful investment, one he will use until he has secured the most promisi [...]

    Sarah MacLean
    I always love Anne Mallory's booksbut this one might just be her best yet. It's been a long time since I've read a book and forced myself to slow down to savor every word, every line. This one requires it. The book is thick and lush--an extravagant secret that you can't help but eavesdrop on. I loved every page.

    Lakshmi C
    Blurbs are the devious monsters wrecking havoc in my little bookish world. They lure me with the promise of new worlds, great characters and a great reading experience. But all I get is coke without the fizz.This book has an interesting blurb and conflicted characters. Roman was kind without scruples. He was strategic and charming. Charlotte was strong, determined and wary. Her father was utterly despicable.The book held my attention, I wanted to know what happened next but some parts make no im [...]

    Lady Wesley
    I need a new shelf. A shelf called Why Did I Waste My Time? A shelf for for books with the lowest ratio of complete to incomplete sentences. Trant had waited for just the right hand to make the bet. Had waited for Chatsworth to get into his cups and to have some decent cards.Had waited to place the bet when only two men would witness the wager. One, a man who was utterly devoted to his wife, and whose wife was a close friend of the lady of the bet. Who would hold the scandal secret. The other, a [...]

    Jess the Romanceaholic
    This is a Quickie Review. For the full review, please visit The Romanceaholic.Oh my! Let me start my review with a slight tangent: One of my all-time favorite regency romance heroes, is Lisa Klyepas’ Derek Craven from Dreaming of You. Born in the gutters, he’s pulled himself up by whatever means necessary — thievery, deceit, violence, you name it, and at the time the heroine meets him, is a successful, albeit somewhat shady, owner of a gaming hell.Well, I’m sorry Derek, but you need to s [...]

    I can see why some people might not like this book. There isn't much light and fluffy about it. The writing is complex and lush. Detailed and descriptive. But I found it to be oh so wonderful. Roman is such a fascinating hero. He reminds me of Derek Craven. He takes what he wants and does not apologize for it. And he wants to possess Charlotte.Charlotte is cold, broken and empty inside. Her dad could be the largest ass of a secondary character I have ever read. When she is lost in a poker game t [...]

    This just didn't work for me. The angst and drama seems forced and the actions of the hero and heroine has no direction and their chemistry is very lacking.While I was reading I couldn't make sense of half the conversations and hidden meanings apparently I should understand as a reader.

    Anne Mallory’s latest has surprising depth, given its paperback length. I appreciated the continuing story of Miranda and the Viscount, and the role they play in Charlotte and Roman’s relationship. What I liked about Roman: his insecurity. He has achieved great wealth and status in his world, and it’s what he knows. His world is built on showing no emotion. He’s afraid of losing that security blanket and caring about someone. That kind of vulnerability was very well written. What I liked [...]

    I think one of my favourite aspects of GR is not only meeting so many great people and sharing books, but also how interesting it is that people get something so different out of the books that they share. I really want to thank Catherine and Juliana especially for sharing such fantastic writers and books (whether consciously or unconsciously) with me. I do tend to add their favourites or higher rated books to my TBR pile and I haven't regretted it at all.Now it's time to quit it with the warm f [...]

    4 stars – Historical/Regency Romance

    This book intrigued me when I first picked it up. I thought it was going to be a reworking of Lisa Kleypas's Then Came You. That, too, had a night with the heroine riding on a card game bet. I was pleasantly surprised, however, when it wasn't the hero who placed the bet.As I read, there were things that I absolutely hated (that I'll talk about below -- have fun reading that dissertation), and then there were others that I liked. I liked the attitude that the author had towards women and their se [...]

    Another series I jumped in the middle of. Damn, I'm getting too good at this.Place & Time Period : England, RegencySet Up for the Plot: Drunken fool father offers 1 night with his oldest daughter in a card game. His winning hand, hum, against a 10,000 pound wager. (I'll wager 10,000 pounds you'll guess right how this bet played out.)Characters: Roman Merrick (H), lord of the underworld, owner of the gaming establishment the wager takes place at.Charlotte Chatsworth (h), the drunken fool's ol [...]

    Michele Weiler
    I had high hopes for this book. It got a good review on all about romance website. I unfortunately didn't agree. The plot wasn't bad, just done many time before. What I didn't enjoy was the way it was written. There seemed to be a lot happening in the background and it ended up in the dialogue but I had no idea what was happening. I was hoping that all of it would eventually be sorted out and explained but it rarely was. The reader had to inference A LOT. I had a hard time keeping up with what w [...]

    --------------------------------------------------------------------The writing didn’t flow easily, too flourished with a lot of simile (I think this is the right word). but characterization was excellent, the plot very original and I really liked H/h romance. --------------------------------------------------------------------FULL SCENES: 3, hot but brief, FM--------------------------------------------------------------------GENRE/TONE: Historical/drama, suspense------------------------------ [...]

    Sofia Lazaridou
    I would destroy the city if something happened to you. I can't even bear the thought of it.And when Roman says that he means it.2 new characters are introduced in this book and one of them is the main character,Andreas and Roman.Roman is the brother who seems less likeable to kill you but you don't want to meet him in a dark alley.When Charlotte's father bets her in a game of cards Roman cheats and wins her because if the other person wins her she will be ruined and because he can't get her out [...]

    Joint review with Has from The Book Pushers was originally posted here: thebookpushers/2011/03/10/joiPublisher: Avon Publish Date: Out Now! How we got this book: NetGalley Has: Anne Mallory is fast becoming an autobuy author for me, I really have enjoyed her last few books and grabbed the chance to request this via Netgalley when it was posted. The premise of a hero who was outside of society and was from a working class background really appealed to me because it is a refreshing change from the [...]

    leído en Julio 2013Una Noche Nunca es SuficienteSinopsis:Desde que la vio supo que debía ser suya… aunque solo fuera por una noche…Poderoso, despiadado, seductor… el señor de los bajos fondos de Londres, Roman Merrick consigue todo lo que desea… y arde en deseos de tener a Charlotte Chatsworth, una rutilante joya de la alta sociedad. De modo que enreda a su padre, endeudado por el juego, en un juego de azar apostando diez mil libras por una noche con su exquisita hija. Y Roman Merrick [...]

    2. defa şans verdim seriye ama gitmiyor yani zorla bitirdim 😒

    Yazari ilk defa okuyorum.Kalemi fena degildiSerinin ikinci kitabimisYanlis kitap ile baslamisim.Diger kitaplarinida okuyacagim

    I am having a bit of a hard time writing up a review for this one.'s not that it wasn't enjoyable because it was just left me feeling a bitoff, I guess. I think that has to do with the fact it took me four days to read it and they were always just snippets of time, darn real life! That being said, I hope I can do this book with the gorgeous cover some justice!The premise of the story is a good one, a father bets his beautiful daughter, Charlotte, in a card game and loses to a less than perfect m [...]

    Lover of Romance
    When Charlotte, accompanied by her maid, comes across Roman Merrick, she feels as if the earth as titled underneath her very own feet. He is dangerous and mysterious and she feels like he can see right through her to her soul. When her father loses to a card game, she is shocked to discover that her father gave her up for one night to the winner of the game. Charlotte is furious with her father but she also knows she must go and get it over with. When she arrives at her destination that evening, [...]

    Anne Mallory’s Seven Secrets of Seduction was one of my top 25 reads of 2010. I loved the book-loving heroine and the hero with his seductive words. I applauded the character growth of both the hero and heroine and was delighted to read a romance that was different, even at times unpredictable. My expectations for the next book in the Secrets series were high, but I found the book disappointing. One Night Is Never Enough is a well-written book. The premise is promising: an acknowledged beauty [...]

    This book is Awesome. Charlote is the perfect daughter and the most beautiful girl in the ton but all this is acting . Really , she lives in total fear from making a mistake , fading of her beauty and destroying the future of her sister. It is one of the most complicated characters that Ihave ever read in Historical Romance.The bubble around her reach exploding when her drunk father gambles her in card game and the winner is Roman Medrick . Roman is one of the brothers who own the underworld of [...]

    All About Romance gave this high ratings, but I'm afraid that one night was far too much for me to spend reading something this badly written. The author has interesting ideas, but her prose is so problematic that I had a difficult time following the storyline. Her writing is not grammatically incorrect, but her word choices are so often off, it made me wonder if she wrote with a thesaurus in hand, plugging in words that could be synonyms but clearly were not the right words for what she had in [...]

    3 1/2 starsNote: I received this eARC from HarperCollins via NetGalley. That had no influence on my rating.

    Joint review with Has from The Book Pushers was originally posted here:thebookpushers/2011/03/10/Publisher: AvonPublish Date: Out Now!How we got this book: NetGalleyHas: Anne Mallory is fast becoming an autobuy author for me, I really have enjoyed her last few books and grabbed the chance to request this via Netgalley when it was posted. The premise of a hero who was outside of society and was from a working class background really appealed to me because it is a refreshing change from the usual [...]

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