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  • Title: Wolf Won't Bite!
  • Author: Emily Gravett
  • ISBN: 9780230704251
  • Page: 173
  • Format: Hardcover

  • A funny picture book about three little pigs and a wolf who maybe won t bite.
    Emily Gravett
    Emily Gravett is twice winner of the prestigious Kate Greenaway Medal and the Nestl Children s Book Prize Bronze Award for WOLVES and LITTLE MOUSE S BIG BOOK OF FEARS An author illustrator of unique talent and tremendous skill, she has a host of critically acclaimed books to her name, including BLUE CHAMELEON, WOLF WON T BITE and AGAIN Emily lives in Brighton with her partner and their daughter.


    Sorry, why did the pigs think the wolf wouldn’t bite? He’s a wolf! This could be all me too. I have always liked the wolf. Even as a kid, I rooted for the wolf! :D Beautiful illustrations as always with an Emily Gravett book, but I just didn’t feel the humor in this one.4/19/12

    Wolf Won't Bite shows the three little pigs who have captured the big bad wolf and are parading him around a circus, forcing him to do various tricks. The pigs believe that "wolf won't bite" after every trick, but at the end, he escapes and does in fact attempt to bite them. The illustrations in this book are fabulous, and children will enjoy seeing familiar fable characters in a new setting. At first, I didn't quite get the ending, but realized that it teaches children that everyone has a break [...]

    Joella www.cinjoella.com
    Three pigs show all the things they can do to (or have done to) wolf knowing that "wolf won't bite!" It almost feels like those three little pigs are finally getting their revenge on a puppy-looking wolf. But like many of Gravett's picture books there is a surprise ending that is just as much fun as the brilliant illustrations. I also adore the illustrations. The black, grey, white, pink, and red colors (with a touch of gold or brown here and there) give the pigs a cohesive feeling vs the lone g [...]

    Berkley Morris
    "Wolf Won't Bite" was simply amazing. This is the type of book where the illustrations would have been sufficient enough to tell the story. In this version of "Three Little Pigs," the pigs were on a mission of revenge to get back at the wolf. There is a strong presence of sarcasm throughout this book. This was written so that both children and adults can equally enjoy reading and hearing this story.It is evident as to why this book has been banned and considered controversial. Revenge comes in t [...]

    This is an odd little book. There's a strong implication that these are the three little pigs, who have somehow started a circus in which they basically abuse the heck out of the big bad wolf, everything from dressing him in tutus to firing him out of a cannon. Eventually, the wolf snaps and does indeed chase them, apparently with intent to eat them. What's odd here is that I can't quite figure out what the author is trying to do. Is this supposed to be a sequel of sorts to The Three Little Pigs [...]

    Okay, I'm a Gravett fan and enjoy her shocking endings that are at times almost too twisted for children's books. At least they aren't for wimpy children (or adults) without a sense of humor. So, I was waitingwaitingr the moment that the bite might happen as we are assured that "wolf won't bite"! So will he or won't he? I loved it from cover to cover and my children giggled and giggled.

    I confess I am conflicted over this book. I absolutely adore the illustrations and the idea, but I am not sure if it's just a little too creepy for its intended audience. They cut the wolf in half, and then, in fact, the wolf DOES bite. I can see most kids thinking it's funny and giggling, but I would be a little nervous of that one kid in the class who it might actually upset. I'd have to really know my students to read this one aloud.

    Emily Gravett is slowly working her way up to being my favorite illustrator. The story is so-so, but the illustrations are endearing. The wolf's sheepish expression in every panel is fantastic. Especially in the last panel with the pig's heads in his mouth. Beautiful. Amusing.

    Daisy Toomey
    I really wish I'd have known about this book when teaching about alternative fairytales. I took in and made a book display each week and this would have worked really well, particularly for an EAL pupil with limited knowledge English fairytales.Year 2's loved the "Three little wolves and the big bad pig" and "The True Story of the Three Little Pigs" and been a perfect further recommendation. It is a simple plot with no direct explanation that it is in fact the same three little pigs, only infere [...]

    Sarah Coles
    A spin off from the traditional tale, 'The Three Little Pigs', in which the little characters have captured their foe and are showing 'him' off at a circus. This would be a great story to add to the classroom particularly if the literacy theme happened to be traditional tales. Lots of opportunity for drama and voices in the book.

    What's the point of this book!

    3 pigs tease a wolf, who they are convinced won't bite. But they have a surprise waiting for them

    tldr: wolf will bite.

    Seema Rao
    This wolf is very nice. And barely bites. A nice counterpoint to any readings of the three little pigs.

    Un libro para niños muy divertido sobre 3 cerditos circenses que han atrapado a un lobo, el final me hizo reír y estoy segura que a los niños les divertirá mucho.

    Ashley Stude
    "Wolf Won't Bite" by Emily Gravett is a very short post modern picture book, and it contains the classing 3 pigs and wolf interaction. This book starts off with the 3 pigs putting up somewhat of a poster for their "show" which is also the cover of the book. The 3 pigs have captured a wild wolf, and they have taught it to do a lot of stuff, including jump through hoops, stand on a tiny stool, and ride him like a horse, but for some reason, the wolf won't bite the pigs. Each page goes on to show i [...]

    With every new Emily Gravett book my hopes are lifted. Her picture book Wolves is hilarious (and creepy). Her Odd Egg is comical and surprising. Blue Chameleon is terrifically clever. Orange Pear Apple Bear is adorable (and provides an interesting look at the importance of word order). Her illustrations are just the cutest, and she has a wicked sense of humor.This book has both of those: cute illustrations and a wicked sense of humor. The pigs are, quite possibly, the cutest pigs I've ever seen [...]

    Robert Beveridge
    Emily Gravett, Wolf Won't Bite! (Simon and Schuster, 2012)I have been a rabid Emily Gravett fan since I first came upon Wolves way back when. Wolves is still one of my favorite modern childrens' books, and I have adored almost all of Gravett's work since. Wolf Won't Bite!, unfortunately, falls into that not-quite-”almost” category. I can't quite figure out what she's on about here. There's obviously a cautionary-tale aspect here, but is it the tale of the frog and the scorpion? Or the three [...]

    Big Book Little Book
    Alison For Big Book Little BookThis is a picture book perfect in it’s simplicity. The illustrations are set against a stark white background using a colour scheme of black, pink and red. The colours that you may well associate with the circus. This makes the pictures very clear and they tell the story alone. This is a picture book where the words are there to add to the pictures rather than the other way round. Child or adult you know how the story will end but you still want to carry on to se [...]

    Rebecca Tenbrook
    This book is another unique variation on the three little pigs. In this book the pigs work at a circus and they explain how they can make the wolf do so many tricks and he will not bite. When the end comes though the reader and pigs are in for a surprise. I really enjoy variation on the three little pigs and I am in the process of collecting and trying to accumulate as many variations of this book as possible. It seems to me that this traditional tale has the most variations. There are so many c [...]

    Emily Gravett is one of my absolute favorite picture book creators. Her books contain elements of wit and whimsy, and they make readers stop and think. They always make me smile. In this cautionary tale about making assumptions about what others will or won't do, three pigs capture a gray wolf. They put him through his paces, making him stand on a stool, dressing him in a bow, and all sorts of fun (for them, but not for him). What they make Wolf do gets worse and worse as the story goes on. For [...]

    This is the kind of activities I do with little children to develop their critical sense. We take a familiar story and we disrupt it or we subvert the finale. So, yes, wolves can be good. This picture book motivates children to question assumptions about characters who are generally seen as ugly or menacing and therefore bad. Why what looks different from us and is stereotypically considered ugly, should be inherently bad and therefore alienated?At the same time, with this book children also ref [...]

    Three pigs have captured a big bad wolf and trained it not to bite. What better way to show off their great feat than to start a circus act! Watch as the pigs show all of the wonderful things that they can do to him and the wolf won’t bite Or will he?Wolf Won’t Bite is a very comical story that will keep children giggling as the pigs show off their talent for training the wolf. The stunning illustrations show all of the the silly things that the pigs put the wolf through (and the wolf’s re [...]

    Alicia Evans
    I reread this book in preparation for our circus storytime. It's a cute short book that can easily be read to wide age group, as younger readers won't get bored and the older readers will enjoy the three little pigs reference. I even upped my rating by a star. For: readers wanting books about the circus or fairy tale retellings. Possible red flags: imprisonment and danger. My original review is below. ***Gravett tells an interesting version of the three little pigs. Here, the three little pigs a [...]

    This is a book about 3 little pigs who perform circus acts with a wolf whom they claim "won't bite." I love the simplicity of this book. The fun illustrations are set up against a white background with large, bold text. Wolf Won't Bite! has a word count of only 99-words, but is full of fun, humor, and suspense. The text is secondary to the illustrations. Some readers claim it is a bit violent (knife throwing, canon ball blast, sawing) but that's all part of a circus act. The illustrations bring [...]

    Bridget R. Wilson
    The three circus pigs have one main attraction—a wild wolf. They love to boast that no matter what they do to him “Wolf won’t bite!” Or will he?What I thought: Another hit from Gravett. I’ll be adding this title to my Three Little Pigs Book List. Wolf Won’t Bite is a fun book. I think my story time kids will be on the edges of their carpet squares to see if wolf will bite. The illustrations are great. I like that Gravett used a limited color palette. She also made good use of white s [...]

    Sadly, the author of this work has become known as "the lady whose books are disappointing" in our house. Gravett is such a phenomenal illustrator, but we find her stories to be exceptionally weak. Well, this was the first book that delivered on both art and story. It was an absolute thrill to enjoy a book written by the author, but I still hope that she is paired with a solid writer to make a series of truly memorable children's books. She has such great promise, which you can clearly see by th [...]

    I had a suspicion that this book was going to end a little more "violent" like Gravett's other wolf book. Still, the humor is present in this as in her other works. It's not my favorite of hers, but it's a fun setting for the book. Overall I enjoyed it--especially in here seeing the poor wolf bear the circus acts. I like seeing his face in each picture. But I don't know if I would read it in preschool storytime. Maybe--they might enjoy that considering they love "5 little monkeys!" School-age ma [...]

    This was an amusing tale. I LOVED the pigs - they were so cute and their little circus was pretty entertaining with their wolfish acts and astonishments. The text added a fun flavor to the mix and made the story pop with its funky font. It was pretty comical to see how things ended and yet, it wasn't as big of a surprise as I would have imagined. I enjoyed this book and would definitely recommend to pig fans.*Taken from my book reviews blog: reviewsatmse/2012

    This is a humorous book that is also quite cautionary. It depicts a group of pigs who take it for granted that a docile wolf will not bite them no matter what they subject him to.I think it's probably a good one for our girls, especially as they take it for granted that our lovely German Shepherd will never bite them, no matter what they subject her to. I'm not sure they have learned the lesson, though, and I hope they never learn it the hard way.Overall, we thought this was an entertaining book [...]

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