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  • Title: Such a Pretty Face
  • Author: Gabrielle Goldsby
  • ISBN: 9781602823761
  • Page: 357
  • Format: ebook

  • A sexy, sometimes humorous, sometimes poignant, contemporary romance that gently exposes the damage to heart and soul when we fail to look beneath the surface for what truly matters Mia Sanchez is rocked when her partner of four years, Brenda Montalba, informs her that she has fallen out of love with her and that she s planning on leaving town for several months to give tA sexy, sometimes humorous, sometimes poignant, contemporary romance that gently exposes the damage to heart and soul when we fail to look beneath the surface for what truly matters Mia Sanchez is rocked when her partner of four years, Brenda Montalba, informs her that she has fallen out of love with her and that she s planning on leaving town for several months to give them time to think about their future together Mia hadn t thought words could be painful until Brenda followed up hers with, You ve really let yourself go over the last few years Alone, hurt, and embarrassed, Mia decides to take the advice of her sales assistant and friend Mathew Goody Good, the self crowned Queen of Getting Dumped when he tells her, The best way to get over them is to get even.
    Gabrielle Goldsby
    Gabrielle Goldsby is the author of several novels including Forward Magazine finalist, Remember Tomorrow, the Lambda Literary Award winning Wall of Silence, and The Caretaker s Daughter, recipient of the Alice B Lavender Certificate A Northern California transplant, Gabrielle currently resides in Portland, Oregon When not writing, she enjoys reading, camping, hiking, and lifting the heaviest things she can get her hands on.

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    The description for this book could not be further from what this book actually is about. This book has zero to do with revenge and everything to do with finding your own happiness despite sucky circumstances. Such a Pretty Face by Gabrielle Goldsby is a light romance that focuses on dealing with dysfunctional relationships (parents, wife, co-workers…) and rising above the nonsense and making the most of your life on your terms.Mia Sanchez a beautiful Mexican American woman who just happens to [...]

    I was between 2 and 3 stars on this one. As the blurb mentions, there are ex issues. So much so that I felt the shadow of her ex drove many of the plot points throughout to distraction. What I *did* like however was that the MC was not a size 2. There were some issues with that, but my point is is that because of that the character was a lot more believable. More real. And she was a WoC. So because of it I'll give it 3 stars. All the angst and drama and bad feels, bleh.

    i went back and forth between 3 stars and 4 on this one. I loved the moral to the story. The main character is slightly overweight and loathes herself. by the end of the book (i don't think is giving away spoilers) she sees what a difference it is to surround yourself by people that love you and see your true beauty. It changes everything for her. Whether it's weight, or any number of other things, many of us have insecurities that this book will speak to.The main thing that i didn't like that d [...]

    Having read this book once before I didn't expect to find myself chuckling at the funny bits again, or feeling so much for the characters, or finding new things within it that I liked. I was pleasantly surprised to find myself enjoying this book even more than I did the first time. I'd forgotten just how lovely, and appealing, both the leads are. Mia is just adorable, and her interactions with her family had me guffawing several times. Even her interactions with her potential love interest, Ryan [...]

    4.15 stars.This book is written very well and it's definitely worth a read. Many times it was hard for me to put down and I kept telling myself, "just one more chapter", only to keep going to find out what happened next. I loved the fact that the main character, Mia, is a larger sized love lead who is also non-white. I'm a big fan of diversity in lesfic.The story is told completely from Mia's perspective, whose inner monologue I found completely authentic, engaging, and amusing. The self-doubt, [...]

    I'm kind of conflicted with this one. The storyline about the jerk coworker wasn't really necessary, I would have liked to know more about Ryan's perspective, and I don't really understand why everyone was worried about what Brenda thought, when Mia makes it clear to everyone that Brenda left and she doesn't care what she thinks. I did like Mia and Ryan's relationship though, and all of the scenes with the two of them were great.

    Loved every bit of it. Sweet romance, that makes you happy and sad, excited and angry-same as the main character.

    F/F romanceEngaging and honestFirst off, ignore the synopsis for this book. It's really misleading. The petty premise put me off from reading this one a long time. Turns out this book has nothing to do with "getting even." Not in any catty, vindictive sense. I found the depth here very surprising and it is very well-written.Mia Sanchez is a feminine Mexican American financial adviser who has recently bought a new house with her domineering partner of four years. She is struggling with her increa [...]

    I enjoyed reading this book! I was hooked by chapter one due to the breakup of Mia and Brenda, however, at times I felt as if the book dragged on and on and repeated similar moments. I also enjoyed the development of Ryan and Mia's friendship before they jumped into bed with one another. I have read other books by Goldsby and by far this is my favorite. I gave a 3 star rating, because I believe more editing needed to be done and some development didn't need to be there. Overall, the book kept my [...]

    Sometimes it takes a very talented author like Ms Goldsby to enlighten us to detrimental scars of childhood. She also shows us the very important details of life in these fascinating characters and wonderful inspiring story. I track my exercise and run 4-5 miles every day!

    • [PDF] Download ✓ Such a Pretty Face | by ☆ Gabrielle Goldsby
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