[PDF] Download ☆ Can't Swim, Can't Ride, Can't Run: From Common Man to Ironman | by ☆ Andy Holgate

  • Title: Can't Swim, Can't Ride, Can't Run: From Common Man to Ironman
  • Author: Andy Holgate
  • ISBN: 9781848187436
  • Page: 421
  • Format: Paperback

  • This book is both a lesson in true grit and determination, but its goal is one that is attainable Andy isn t a sporting superstar, he holds down a 9 5 job and all the pressures that go with it he isn t blessed with speed and talent there are no multi million pound sponsorship deals yet this remarkable common man is inspiring in a way that some of today s sporting supThis book is both a lesson in true grit and determination, but its goal is one that is attainable Andy isn t a sporting superstar, he holds down a 9 5 job and all the pressures that go with it he isn t blessed with speed and talent there are no multi million pound sponsorship deals yet this remarkable common man is inspiring in a way that some of today s sporting superstars have forgotten how to be You wouldn t recognize Andy in the street, yet his story provides valuable lessons to us all Never give up and Anything is possible Can t Swim, Can t Ride, Can t Run follows Andy Holgate s epic journey from being an overweight librarian to an Ironman triathlete Before he could even begin the rollercoaster ride which amassed punctures than Andy cares to remember, this would be Superman had first to buy a second hand bike and take swimming lessons Along the way, he ended up in hospital, dealt with family crises, encountered crocodiles and deadly amoebas, and persuaded his friends that doing an Ironman event is what normal people do on their stag weekend This is the inspirational, amusing and moving story of how one normal bloke learnt how to fall off a bike and not injure himself, to run a marathon despite two dodgy knees, and most importantly how not to drown.
    Andy Holgate
    Andy Holgate Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Can't Swim, Can't Ride, Can't Run: From Common Man to Ironman book, this is one of the most wanted Andy Holgate author readers around the world.

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    Fantastic read. Extremely motivating and I've already checked out dates for the local triathlon - oddly enough it was actually today, but still that gives me a clear 12 months to train. Having said that I have set myself up a training plan to run a 10K in November!The book itself was really inspiring, I really like autobiographies that are written when the author actually has something to say and haven't yet managed to finish one by a "famous" person only by interesting and inspiring "normal" pe [...]

    This was an easy and enjoyable read, even for couch potatoes who want to understand the suffering and torment that these people go to in order to complete an Ironman triathlon event. Finishing it, I have to say I have no compulsion whatsoever to complete a triathlon and wondered what drives the people who do? Andy Holgate does manage to come across as a pretty ordinary bloke as he takes us through the training and development programmes he pushed himself into in order to compete in an Ironman ev [...]

    Silpa Parmar
    26/09/12: One thing is for sure: I don't ever want to do a triathlon in the cold, wet and miserable UK. Australia is a far more sensible place for the swim, ride, run combo!02/10/12: Can't Swim, Can't Ride, Can't Run follows all-round nice guy, Andy Holgate, on his journey from becoming an overweight librarian to a fully-crazy, let’s-swim-2.4 miles-cycle 112-and-run-a-marathon-for-shits-and-giggles Ironman. Before I continue with the review, I have to mention that this book should really be ca [...]

    Richard Wright
    I suspect I'm the ideal reader for this kind of book - somebody who isn't fit, but who would like to be fitter. Stories about other people who've made that journey, well told and relatable to, are just what I need. In this the book fails. Holgate isn't really making the journey from ordinary man to ironman. Instead, he's journeying from lapsed but experienced athlete, to very good athlete indeed. This chain-smoking crisp-munche r struggled to wholly identify. That said, the book's still a good r [...]

    I am entertained by these types of triathlon memoirs. Nothing spectacular here but not a waste of time either. The most memorable story was when he hit his toe in the fridge right before the big event. Auch. It happens to me quite often and it always hurts like hell. Last time, I walked in pain for a week and I had to wear heels.

    Autumn Howard
    Fantastic read. More of a 'blog style' than a well-written book, but once I'd started I just couldn't put it down. A truly inspirational 'zero to hero' story. Left me feeling all warm and fuzzy inside.

    Title is misleading - Andy was an experienced athlete which get back in shape and became a triathlonist. Which is nice story, not extremely well written and not so easy to replicate for somebody which truly can't run, bike and swim :)

    Fantastic idea to finish this the day of gold nugget. I'll need the inspiration

    A more accurate title would say From Common Man to Ironman-distance event finisher. Total demotivation

    Clark Goble
    A few months ago I began a diet program. I’ve had mixed success in my endeavors having lost 30 or so pounds and then hitting a wall. My wall is more a failure of will rather than ability. I’ve grown tired of the effort it takes me to lose weight. In my twenties and thirties it seemed I could lose weight at will. In my forties it seems every pound lost requires excruciating effort. One of my favorite activities however is cycling and I have long harbored a desire to train for and complete a m [...]

    Henri Hämäläinen
    I got as a Christmas present from my sister and her husband a book about common guy turning to an ironman. This book Can't Swim, Can't Ride, Can't Run: From Common Man to Ironman from Andy Holgate was their interpretation of my current triathlon enthuasism. I guess they hit it quite close.This book is a journey without any technical jargon about training. It's a motivational story about ones life and how triathlon bug can hit hard. Andy Holgate turns from quite normal, bit overweight, librarian [...]

    Elena Tawney
    I loved this book. This is probably my favorite Ironman book out of the 3 I have read. Andy is just so affable and down-to-earth. He has a great sense of humor and you feel like you are there on the journey with him, through the highs and lows, as he trains and battles through various setbacks, crashes, and injuries. The book finished on such a positive note with both Andy, "IronHolgs," and his friend Viking finishing IM Germany. Andy very much embodies the regular bloke turned Ironman and it is [...]

    A witty, self-effacing account of one man's journey from being an out of shape every man to conquering that ultimate physical challenge, an Iron-distance triathlon. The writing style is a bit simple and conversational and there are several British-isms that are a unfamiliar to an American reader. Since I've caught the triathlon bug in a big way myself, I was fascinated by the technical details of the training considerations, equipment, and the races themselves, but I do wonder if it would be as [...]

    I think that this book may be aimed for a reader who does not know anything about triathlon and needs a motivating story to try it. For that kind of audience the book may be a great read. Although this book gives a very realistic picture of the sport, I found the book very boring. This is a sort of a story you hear at the triathlon group trainings again and again. I am sorry, but I had to struggle to read it through.

    Lee Ann
    Found this book so poorly written that it was annoying and frustrating me so much I really had to force myself to stick with it. He should stick to writing blogs - the inane drivel doesn't transfer so well to a book. As they say in Glasgow - "his patter's pish''. Great achievement, but the book is pretty poor. Read Chrissie Wellington's book instead for a refreshingly well written sports autobiography.

    Tightly written, interesting through and not unnecessarily flashy, for someone interested in long distance endurance sports and the experience of pain and willpower in extreme, a very enjoyable read. I sometimes had the impression there was an overload of detail, but I read every word willingly and came away with a very impressive image of a slightly mad, stubborn bloke and a great urge to go on a long bike riding holiday. 6

    Mark Bell
    Just the right book to read on holidayAnyone can do an Ironman with enough hours to train and a bucket of grit and determination.I thought this was an enjoyable read, but then I like these sort of "give it a go / self test" books.

    i know Andy from a long time ago and was thrilled to find out was the same one!! i really enjoyed this book as did ny husband. so much so he has signed up to do a triathlon next year. a fun and inspirational read!!

    I really enjoyed this book. It wasn't particularly well written, but I loved following his journey from couch potato to Ironman. Rather than reading a book it was more like reading someone's blogs and race reports.

    Ross Leckridge
    For someone about to attempt their first Triathlon, the content was both inspiring and reassuring. The prose ain't great though, and I think there were parts that were unnecessary. The last chapter was my favourite part of the whole book.

    Elizabeth Boltuc
    Absolutely loved this book. Laugh out loud funny. Completing a triathlon has just been added to my bucket list.

    Gillian Luke
    Easy read, enjoyed hearing about the challenges he faced on his road to doing the iron man.

    Fast read. Enjoyable read and very motivational for a beginner triathlete.

    really enjoyable read and very inspiring! My 1st triathlon doesn't seem so daunting now

    Very drawn out.

    Fairly entertaining read, became a little repetitive at the end. I will remember to blame Andy for want to do an Iron Man

    There's a lot of British English, so be prepared to use the dictionary!

    Michelle Barker
    Inspirational, yes, but suffered from poor writing (and poor editing) and too many anecdotes that had a cliched feel to them.

    Simon Brighty

    Just the right kind of book - funny with interesting race reports but not too much detail. Found myself much to invested in his success which seems about right.

    • [PDF] Download ☆ Can't Swim, Can't Ride, Can't Run: From Common Man to Ironman | by ☆ Andy Holgate
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