[PDF] Download ½ Roly-Poly Egg | by ☆ Kali Stileman

  • Title: Roly-Poly Egg
  • Author: Kali Stileman
  • ISBN: 9781589258525
  • Page: 303
  • Format: Hardcover

  • Splotch is a small bird who lives high up in a tree One day, she lays an egg It s small yes and very spotty, but absolutely perfect in every way This is the story of Splotch and the adventure of her roly poly egg Follow the dotted line and see where it goes Along the way, find lots of animals and a butterfly on every page Accented with spot lamination, the roly polySplotch is a small bird who lives high up in a tree One day, she lays an egg It s small yes and very spotty, but absolutely perfect in every way This is the story of Splotch and the adventure of her roly poly egg Follow the dotted line and see where it goes Along the way, find lots of animals and a butterfly on every page Accented with spot lamination, the roly poly egg appears to leap from the pages of this brilliantly illustrated picture book When Splotchs egg finally cracks, children can lift flaps to find a colorful surprise.
    Kali Stileman
    Kali Stileman Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Roly-Poly Egg book, this is one of the most wanted Kali Stileman author readers around the world.

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    I LOVE the illustrations in this book -- the words are just kinda meh. The story was a little simple for my preschoolers (I kinda felt like some of them at the end were just kinda like, "OK" Instead of delighted). Maybe I'd do this one in an art story time instead, so we could talk about the artwork and such instead of the egg aspect? I dunno, maybe I could have used it differently to get a better reaction or maybe I was rushing through it. I'd try again, and I think it'd work GREAT with toddler [...]

    Eliot Reads
    A red bird, Splotch, lays a brightly colored, spotted egg, which rolls away on an adventure. After crossing paths with many different animals, the egg rolls back to mama Splotch, just in time to hatch and reveal a beautiful, blue spotted, baby bird. I love the clever splotchy bird illustrations and egg reveal flaps.

    A lively story with a fun finish, perfect for story time (it held the attention of a crowd of preschoolers who also enjoyed the ending). Another charm is the art of the bird, a kid-like splotch of color like a great energetic scribble, and of course, the bird's name is Splotch. An adventure that ends with a pop up and a loving message? Terrific!

    An egg gets passed along among a bunch of different animalsBirdsEgg

    Kristi Bernard
    Splotch was a small red bird who laid a perfect spotted egg. In her excitement she jumped up and down and shook the branch that bounced her perfect spotted egg. It rolled down a giraffe's neck, then by some zebras and continued on a journey bouncing around with various animals. And at the end of that journey there was a crack, crack, crack. Out pops a beautiful spotty birdy.This is an excellent book for parents and teachers to introduce young readers to animals and color. The illustrations are v [...]

    Chinasa Izeogu
    In this delightful and vibrant book by Kali Stileman Splotch lays and egg, loses it, and gets it back just in time before it hatches.It is a simple tale that introduces children to sefari animals - giraffe, zebra, crocodile, elephant and monkeys. It's message: Unconditional love.Cool shapes and contrasting colors in jungle hues make this book appealing to kids ages 2-6.Excellent selection for storytime

    Brittany Harvey
    I think this book has very vibrant visuals and is good for toddlers and prek age. The storyline is simple, but the illustrations make up for the slight lack of substance. Very cute book overall!

    Very cute. The illustrations are big and bright, and the story is simple but fun. Splotch lays an absolutely perfect egg (even if it is small and spotty) but her egg rolls away from her and past all the other animals. Will it get back to her? I'd like to use this for storytime (eggs, animals, birds)!

    The Library Lady
    Very cute. However, the lovely fold out egg at the end means that this would fall apart at the hands of any two or three year old in short order. Which means this is going to have to go in my "reading room" collection.

    The story is cute and short enough to read to toddlers. The illustrations are very creative: the bird's body is swirly fingerpainting, with eyes, beak and feet added. The rest of the animals are stylized illustrations, very cute. Nice surprise at the end.

    This would make a great one-on-one sharing book as there is lots to talk about! Follow the dotted line to where the egg goes next. Ask your little one - where do you think it will go? What will happen if it does?

    Age: Infant - preschoolBold colors, ample white space, with a simple story and a peek-a-boo at the end. An activity for older kids is to follow a dotted line along the pages, representing the path of the egg.

    Bright vibrant colors and lines that readers can follow to see where the egg goes in the story. So, very interactive for a younger reader. I love Splotch, the bird, and the spotty egg. The story is cute and readers will have fun with it.

    Hannah Cobb
    A splotchy, spotted, colorful tale about families and belonging. I used this for my 2-3 year old storytime; the simplicity of the text and the large, bright illustrations make this a perfect read-aloud for very young children.

    There's definitely some Eric Carle influence at work in this sweet and colorful story about an egg that gets away from its mother. A cute story that my daughter keeps finding again and again in the stacks at the library.


    Emerson and Theodore
    REALLY cute book about a bird named Splotch (she is the red bird on the cover who has a polka dotted egg). The egg falls out of the tree and has quite the little adventure!

    Shawn Marie
    Beautifully illustrated. My daughter loved the story of everyone helping the egg get back to the momma bird.

    I love the colors in the illustrations and the cracking egg at the end. Lots of alliteration.

    Young children will love the bright illustrations of Roly-Poly Egg. The flap at the end is also funry cute book.

    Read this one to kids at storytime and I am counting this one as my book 121 for 2011. Aim is 133 for the year.

    Cute and simple book for young children.

    Great story, great pics and the follow up book snack time for confetti is almost as cute but this one is a real winner

    4 1/2 - this one is all about the cute pictures. Good for predicting who will be accused next. Otherwise the story is just so so.

    Fun interactive book for toddlers/preschool age kiddos. Follow along the dotted line with your finger and follow where the spotted egg will travel next.

    April Thompson
    I'm a sucker for bright colors and adorable characters in a children's book! Splotch the bird is perfect!

    Fun to follow the egg from page to page. Miles (3.5) loves this book. Bright, energetic illustrations.

    Linda Atkinson
    I was really drawn in by the illustrations, especially Splotch. So simple and yet so creative!

    Toddlers love this colorful book especially when you make a game of following the little egg's journey

    My 2 year old and myself really enjoyed the colorful illustrations, naming the animals, and finding the egg and butterfly on each set of pages.

    • [PDF] Download ½ Roly-Poly Egg | by ☆ Kali Stileman
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