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  • Title: El beso del exilio
  • Author: George Alec Effinger
  • ISBN: 9788427015555
  • Page: 111
  • Format: Paperback

  • En un futuro no demasiado lejano, en el que la Uni n Sovi tica ha sufrido un proceso irreversible de balcanizaci n y Occidente ha perdido el protagonismo que detenta en la actualidad, los Pa ses rabes controlan en gran medida el destino de las naciones, y su cultura y tradiciones florecen incorporando los ltimos avances de la tecnolog a y la inform tica.En este marco seEn un futuro no demasiado lejano, en el que la Uni n Sovi tica ha sufrido un proceso irreversible de balcanizaci n y Occidente ha perdido el protagonismo que detenta en la actualidad, los Pa ses rabes controlan en gran medida el destino de las naciones, y su cultura y tradiciones florecen incorporando los ltimos avances de la tecnolog a y la inform tica.En este marco se desarrollan las peripecias de Mar d Audran, un hijo del Buday n, el barrio maldito donde prosperan la corrupci n y la violencia Tal como se narraba en Cuando falla la gravedad y Un fuego en el Sol , Mar d se ha visto despojado de su independencia y ahora est obligado a actuar como mano derecha de Friedlander Bey.Mar d empieza a conocer los m todos utilizados por Bey para ejercer su poder mientras se encuentra convertido en un instrumento m s de ste, vislumbrando el escalofriante alcance del mafioso en el mundo Sin embargo, abandonado junto a Bey en lo m s profundo del desierto, sabe que en esa ocasi n la supervivencia de ambos depende tan s lo de la capacidad de su organismo para soportar una deshidrataci n cuyos efectos bloquea artificialmente.La vida en compa a de una tribu de n madas del desierto le fuerza a contrastar el dilema moral que le tortura con las simples y f rreas normas que rigen las vidas de stos El libro santo, el Cor n, establece la obligaci n de tomar venganza ante cualquier ofensa, y en el desierto esta norma se acata con vehemencia.Un c ctel explosivo de temas como nunca antes se hab an reunido en un libro del g nero.
    George Alec Effinger
    George Alec Effinger Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the El beso del exilio book, this is one of the most wanted George Alec Effinger author readers around the world.


    Truly fascinating. While I can't quite place the entire trilogy in the category of must-read, I can honestly say it has been an interesting and subtle ride when it comes to character arc.Things start in the way of a true tragedy in this book, with all things looking up, and then, all of a sudden, comes the great fall. It doesn't kill him or Friedlander Bey, his grandfather, the one who has staged Audran's new life, but it does eventually land them in exile in the desert and then among the Beduin [...]

    I'm sorry to say I could only give this 3 stars. The first half to two-thirds was worth a higher rating, but something strange happened in the end. It makes you wonder what was going on in the author's life as he was finishing up this book. I feel very sad about the way the story ended. I loved this character and the characters that surrounded him. It was Casablanca mixed with Blade Runner and better than both. I feel very sad that this was the end of the story.The first part where Marid and his [...]

    Unfortunately it seems this series never regained the heights the first book achieved. This volume, the final full length Audran novel, is a fairly generic, boring, detective story. Once again set in Effinger's brilliantly realised future North Africa this book introduces nothing new to the Audran saga. The section set in the Saudi desert was good but in the end didn't really change anything.Audran was still the same. There was no true growth. In a way this book reminded me of another book I rea [...]

    Daniel Hembree
    The final book was a good adventure, lost in the desert, struggle to survive, fight against all odds to defeat evil rivals. But, the character never wises up, just kills all rivals and takes over the gang. I can't really find anything here that would recommend the book for Sci-Fi fans. The plug in brain modules are interesting but not developed enough to sustain a 3 book trilogy. In the end the story was disappointing. I didn't like any of the characters and hoped they would all kill each other. [...]

    It was very good. Perhaps not quite as good as the first two because less time was spent on creating and solving a mystery, but I still love the characters and culture. It just made me really sad at the end knowing that the author died way too young. I'm going to read his short stories set in this world next, and the book doesn't end on a cliffhanger or anything, but there was definitely so more story that could have been told. And more importantly, there was so much more life that could have be [...]

    Michael Burnam-Fink
    The Exile Kiss closes the Budayeen trilogy on an ambiguous note. The book starts like a rocket, when a formal dinner sees Marid and Friedlander Bey being kidnapped, hustled to the air field, summarily convicted of murder, and then dumped in the Rub al'Khali, the empty quarter of Arabia. Separated from all their resources, death will be a matter of days in the vast desert.Of course, they run into a band of Bedouin nomads, living much as Bedouin have lived for centuries. Marid and Friedlander Bey [...]

    Ross Coburn
    Original, edgy spin on the cyberpunk genre. Been a long time since I read this series, so I'll lay off the details, but Marîd Audran is one of science–fiction's underappreciated protagonists, and Effinger one of its underrated authors.

    Diferente de los otros por la parte del desierto

    Tom Rowe
    No, no, no, no, no! This book started so well. This series was so good. And the first 2/3rds of this book was so good. Then, it all just fell apart. The book starts out with the protagonist, Marid, being exiled along with his "boss." They are abandoned in the Rub Al Khali Desert. This part is great. But then, he returns to civilization, and the story takes on an almost dreamlike quality. New subplots come and go out of nowhere. Characters start acting out of character. The story seem to lose its [...]

    A solid end to the series.

    This is the third and last published novel in the Marid Audran series, so I'm putting the whole set here. This is some powerful storytelling - it's a future Middle East that is at once viscerally familiar and alien. I'm sold by the main character and his conflicts - I can believe his reasoning for why he lives the way he does.One of the most fascinating things about this series is the way it speaks both to Effinger's vision of the future, as well as the world he lived in when he wrote it. The se [...]

    -Remate involuntario a la serie.- Género. Ciencia-Ficción.Lo que nos cuenta. Marid Audran ha pasado en poco tiempo, casi sin desearlo ni planificarlo, a estar mucho más cercano a Friedlander Bey, a ascender mucho en su organización, a alejarse de su entorno habitual, a ser un hombre casado y padre simultáneamente. Pero todavía más rápido, pasa a estar en medio del desierto junto a Papa con su vida en juego por haber sido ambos declarados culpables en una pantomima de juicio y sentenciado [...]

    The Exile Kiss is vastly disappointing. The book opens shortly after the events of A Fire in the Sun and Marîd and Papa quickly become exiled in the Empty Quarter of the Arabian Desert. They spent a third of the book there, then return to Budayeen to avenge themselves. However, the book gets mired in subplots that add little or nothing, repetitious tropes (reading about Bill the taxi driver and his replaced lung filled with psychotropics for the third time was agonizing) and a hastily presented [...]

    James Broussard
    This novel makes me sad that Effinger didn't live to continue this series, an obvious setup along the road to turning the main character from lovable loser to self-aware despot. The only novel in the series not to be nominated any awards, not for lack of content, this novel sets up the future of the series and is an essential stepping stone to the future of the character,like I said, incredibly sad that the series was not continued.

    Am not clear on why I so love these three novels by Effinger, but I certainly do. They're a happy marriage of Chandleresque mystery with Gibson-era cyberpunk, but recast into a Muslim world with which we've all become quite familiar. They're written with such breezy charm and clear love for his characters that we don't even mind when the mysteries are wrapped up a bit too easily, and our only real cause for regret or sadness is that the story eventually comes to an end.

    Rita Monticelli
    Scroll down for the English version.La trilogia del Budayeen - George Alec EffingerIl cyberpunk è un genere con cui non ho mai avuto grande affinità. I miei precedenti tentativi di leggerlo (“Luce virtuale” di Gibson e “Criptosfera” di Banks) non mi hanno particolarmente entusiasmato, benché, per ironia, mi sia cimentata nella scrittura (anche) di questo sottogenere della fantascienza. Sospettavo insomma che non fosse il sottogenere in sé il problema, ma che mi fossi imbattuta nei ti [...]

    Mike Franklin
    The Exile Kiss is the third and final book in Effinger’s Marid Audran series (there is a later book of short stories – Budayeen Nights). Audran is now Friedlander Bey’s undisputed right hand man and now also married by his command. Leaving a formal dinner, both of them are kidnapped by Bey’s arch-rival and abandoned to die in the desert. Surviving with a help of a tribe of Bedouin they return to the city for their revenge.It’s interesting how the emphasis in these books has changed. Th [...]

    Marid Audran and his patron, Freidlander Bey, are exiled from their city and stranded in the desert as part of a scheme by Bey's rival. Using the cybernetic modifications that allow him withstand pain, thirst, and hunger, Audran manages to keep them both alive long enough to find allies, but they still have a long way to get back to the city.The third novel in the Budayeen series, this one's got some of the same problems that the second book had, only magnified. And yet, at the same time, I thin [...]

    Fascinating in descriptions of Bedu life - which is so well detailed. I enjoyed the caravan across the sands of time - literally playing with modernity (brain implants) and antiquity. The first person narrative makes for a perspective on life and death, vengeance and forgiveness that supports reader reflection.

    Although I liked the book, and I liked Marid in the first part and the desert part, I thought he acted childish and selfish once he returned to the Buyadeen. The Bedu were the best part of the book.

    Malcolm Little
    Ultimately, the third installment of the Budayeen cycle fell short of expectations, expectations finely tuned in the two previous, superior installments. Effinger is an author that will immediately strike a chord with most readers: taut, thrilling, and cheeky. Sure, none of the books reach majestic heights. But the Budayeen is not about world-altering discoveries or discursive themes of the zeitgeist. The Budayeen is about rollicking through a cyberpunk dystopia in an exotic locale, with exotic [...]

    This is book three in the series also covering When Gravity Fails and a Fire in the Sun. I have enjoyed all three books immensely, even though I read them over a decade. I can be pokey sometimes in reading series. In this final installment, Marid and his boss, Freidlander Bey, are kidnapped, accused of murdering a policeman, tried and summarily sentenced to exile in the desert, then kicked out the helicopter door and dumped in the sands. It's only by fortitude and perseverance that they survive, [...]

    David Mcangus
    Much better than A fire in the Sun. This is largely because Marid spends most of his time either in the desert or in Budayeen, drinking with old buddies tracking down leads on this instalment's mystery. He, and the city also read closer to being like they were in When Gravity Fails. They've both changed, but they feel alive and real again, which was great because in A Fire in the Sun, they felt dead.Effinger's biggest mistake with this series, was giving Marid everything he wanted. It took our d [...]

    It's been a long time, over ten years, since I read the first two books and, while I still thoroughly enjoyed the setting and characters, the narrative fell flat for me this time around. Maybe I should go back and begin again?I think it's been at least ten years because I don't remember reading the first two books through the post-9/11 hairy-scary Muslim lens that's now, sadly, a part of our culture. I also don't remember paying such close attention to the food. Honestly, I'd probably never even [...]

    Edgar Perez
    I finally managed to read the 3 books from the Marid Audran series.Loved how it managed to show you a whole new world (the desert people) that still is part of the world you already know and love.Does anyone else feels that it's a cyberpunk retell of "the godfather" ?I think the author makes it pretty obvious, but does not make a copy-paste.I really loved the 3 books, and how Marid changes. Shaped by forces greater than him, but still fights for surviving, despite breating himself and his loved [...]

    Oh wow, I should have stopped at the second novel (Fire in the sun). Plot lines were mostly closed by ridiculously manufactured coincidences.E.g. (spoiler contained) The main character needs a corpse to test a new forensic technique against the killer's weapon. The killer irrationally appears in broad daylight, shoots and kills a child standing next to the protagonist and runs off without taking 2 more secs to finish the job with a second shot.

    Marid Audran and Bey are kidnapped and taken to the Empty Quarter but make it back to the city for revenge. Marid continues to be conflicted at times by his rise to power, by his selective rediscovery of his faith in Islam, and yet at other times quite comfortable with the violence and privileges he enjoys. His vengeance is fairly complete by the end and he continues as Bey's lieutenant with renewed fervor, but it is his struggles and blind spots that kept this series interesting.

    I love this book because of its unusual setting (an Arabic world in which implants let you modify your personality and skills). It's smart and funny without being coy. The characters seem real and understandable and the plot is well-developed.The Sci-Fi is well-done, the mystery is good noir. The mix is heady.

    Alex Jackl
    Excellent end to the trilogyThe first half of the novel was a fascinating combination of a travelogue and survival story. The second half was more typical and not as good but was a solid cap to the story. I recommend this trilogy to anyone- It is the rare story that improves with each book.

    Zach Chapman
    The Exile's Kiss explores Friedlander Bey and Marîd's relationship more than the previous two entries in the series. There is a satisfying murder mystery going on but Effinger is at his best when he stumbles through the plot, showing off the fantastic setting, mood and characters of the Budayeen. Highly recommend this series.

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