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  • Title: See Jane Write: A Girl's Guide to Writing Chick Lit
  • Author: Sarah Mlynowski Farrin Jacobs
  • ISBN: 9781594741159
  • Page: 317
  • Format: Paperback

  • With chick lit novels popping up on every bestseller list, millions of readers are all thinking the same thing I could write this stuff I could write a bestseller and never go back to the office again And here s the guide that will show you how Bestselling novelist Sarah Mlynowski and veteran chick lit editor Farrin Jacobs cover every stage of developing and selling youWith chick lit novels popping up on every bestseller list, millions of readers are all thinking the same thing I could write this stuff I could write a bestseller and never go back to the office again And here s the guide that will show you how Bestselling novelist Sarah Mlynowski and veteran chick lit editor Farrin Jacobs cover every stage of developing and selling your soon to be bestselling novel, with information on developing an idea learning the basics of plotting deciding on a point of view pacing, and conflict making your characters likable finding an agent and much , including humorous tips and advice from scores of established writers from Meg Cabot and Marian Keyes to Emily Giffin and Sophie Kinsella If you ve got stories to tell, See Jane Write will take care of the rest
    Sarah Mlynowski Farrin Jacobs
    Sarah was born in Montreal, Canada After graduating with an honors degree in English literature from McGill University, she moved to Toronto to work for Harlequin Enterprises While she never met Fabio, she used her romance publishing experiences to fuel her first novel Milkrun.Since then, Sarah has written four additional novels for adults Fishbowl, As Seen on TV, Monkey Business, and Me vs Me the New York Times bestselling middle grade series Whatever After the middle grade series Upside Down Magic with Lauren Myracle and Emily Jenkins and the teen novels Bras Broomsticks, Frogs French Kisses, Spells Sleeping Bags, and Parties Potions, all in the Magic in Manhattan series, as well as Gimme a Call, Ten Things We Did And Probably Shouldn t Have , Don t Even Think About It, Think Twice, and I See London, I See France Along with Lauren Myracle and E Lockhart, Sarah also wrote How to Be Bad, and along with Farrin Jacobs, she wrote See Jane Write, a guide to writing Sarah s books have been translated into twenty nine languages and optioned to Hollywood She now lives in New York City with her husband and two daughters.

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    Dominica Phetteplace
    Reading about writing is a lot easier than writing itself, hence the appeal of how-to books such as this one. I've only read one chick-lit book in my life, The Nanny Diaries, and it was the worst book I've ever read. Ever. But it had the perverse affect of launching my career as a writer. "I could do better than this," I thought. And I did. The pleasure of See Jane Write is humorous tone, which alternates between gentle encouragement and a tough-love sensibility. There is lots of basic advice he [...]

    I will one day publish a book. I swear see I am holding my hand up with this promise. I have learned a lot over the years visiting with authors such as Jane Green, Emily Giffin, Mary Kay Andrews, Kristin Hannah, and more. One resource I decided to consult is See Jane Write A Girl’s Guide to Writing Chick Lit by Sarah Mlynowski and Farrin Jacobs. Sarah Mlynowski and Farrin Jacobs wanted to help amateur writers proceed through the steps to publication with advice, and how tos from of your favori [...]

    Jessica Lawlor
    See Jane Write: A Girl’s Guide to Writing Chick Lit is a smart and snarky how-to write a novel guide written by bestselling author Sarah Mlynowski and former chick lit editor Farrin Jacobs.When you think of a how-to book, you probably think of something pretty dry and boring; this book is just the opposite. Written in a fun teal colored font with lots of section heads and boxes, the book is quite easy and entertaining to read.Something very cool and unique about this book compared to other how [...]

    One of the most helpful writing guides I have read in a long time. This book has a wonderful feel to it, the information is not only helpful, it’s also inspirational (which sounds really cheesy and corny, but there’s really no other way to put it). It’s based around chick lit, but only loosely. I found that even though I’m not sure if chick lit is the route I want to go down, this guide taught me things that I would need to apply to any type of writing, and kept me motivated along the wa [...]

    April Corbett (Dorris)
    I started this book quite some time ago and I’m glad to have finally finished it. Even though I will be reading it again soon enough. This is the kind of reference book that I think should be revisited annually or at least before a work goes into the editing process. I was hit with so many ideas while reading and I’m looking forward to really working through them and getting into something more solid. Some of my favorite authors contributed stories and advice for this book so I felt a little [...]

    Irene J.
    It took me more than a month to wait for the book to be handed-over by my bestfriend, but I finished reading it in less than a week!It was because this book was loaded wit so much important things about writing, and I wanted to quick mastered them before I continue with my personal project. One thing I was certain while reading this precious book: The era of chick-lit hasn't faded yet. And it's not easy to write ones, maybe it is easier to write a serious novel than delivering a sweet light nove [...]

    Amanda Patterson
    The ultimate book for writers who want to write chick lit. Written by two writers who understand the genre and the requirements, it's a practical easy to use guide. Filled with information from developing an idea to finding an agent, you will love the humourous tips and advice.

    This book gave me lot's of anxiety and scared me to write even more. It has some great tips and tricks but all in all, I wasn't really happy with it. Yeah, they have some tough encouragement which can be great. But for someone who hasn't been writing in years and wants to start writing again, it was really a bit too much to swallow so that's why only 3 stars. Also, for someone who has been having hate relationship with their writing where you think that whatever you write is bad, this book is at [...]

    I'm probably the only guy on this website to have reviewed this book, but I have no shame in saying that it was a fantastic read. I initially picked it up because I'm working on a story that has a female perspective, and I wasn't sure if I was quite getting the tone right, so I was hoping to pick up a few pointers from some chick lit experts. It turns out that not only was this book incredibly helpful in writing chick lit, but it was actually fantastically helpful in writing of all types. The au [...]

    I am hoping to get some good advice on how to publish all my old man-hating-love-letters, lol. See Jane Write: A Girl's Guide to Writing Chick Lit by Sarah Mlynowski My reviewI am hoping to get some good advice on how to publish all my old man-hating-love-letters. View all my reviews.

    Traci Andrighetti
    I read See Jane Write in 2012 right before I started to write my first chick lit mystery, Limoncello Yellow. As soon as I finished writing my book, I read it again. What I love about See Jane Write is that the chick-lit style in which it's written actually inspired me to write my book. Plus, it has almost everything you need to know to be a chick-lit writer: a history of the genre, guidelines for creating characters, grammar dos and don'ts, information about the publishing industry, a sample que [...]

    Claire Dawn
    Perfect book for any aspiring chick lit writer. First off, it's written by both an editor and an author giving insights from different angles. The girls start out with a history of Chick Lit, and move into reasons to write. They also give a comprehensive list of plasters for all the excuses you may have for not writing. Then they move into how to write. An important facet of Chick Lit, IMO the most impotant, is the main character. This book goes into how to create that character and details what [...]

    I picked this up because my current work-in-progress is ending up to be somewhere between chick lit and a cozy mystery. Cozy chick lit? I thought this was a fun and informative read, especially since I don’t read a ton of chick lit. When it comes to the actual mechanics of writing, there’s not much here that you won’t get in any other guide, but the tone makes it a super fast read. I especially appreciated the section on clichés, because I was in danger of falling face-first into one. I a [...]

    Jillianne Hamilton
    Since May is International Chick Lit Month, this is the perfect time to review See Jane Write: A Girl’s Guide to Writing Chick Lit by Sarah Mlynowski and Farrin Jacobs.This cute and girly book isn’t exactly brand new- it was published in 2006. A lot has changed since then- mainly the boom of self-publishing and the popularity of e-readers and ebooks. But I won’t hold that against the book. Er, rather, the authors.Full review here: jillianne-hamilton/2013/05

    Jennifer Whiteford
    A surprisingly useful book for anyone trying to write a novel, chick lit or not. The advice given is fairly obvious, but truly helpful when it comes to mapping out a strategy for a book of fiction. The authors warn potential writers away from cliches and emphasize the hard work needed to produce a decent novel. Plus, the book helpfully demystifies not only the writing process, but also the process of getting an agent and getting published. It's funny and easy to read. Recommended.

    Jennifer Daiker
    See Jane Write was the perfect read for not only a beginner novelist but for anyone who has a love for writing chick lit.I found great tips from season writers that was invaluable. It also didn't hurt that while they gave tips they also shared things that happened to them to keep us writers from getting defeated.The perfect amount of writing and chick lit tips. Anyone interested in learning the genre I implore them to pick this book up.

    I picked this book up yesterday at my library after running across it someplace online. I was pleasantly surprised to find that it is packed full of information not just for the "chick lit" writer but for any writer. Easy to understand and full of exercises to help you get and stay on the right track. So good I bought a copy online for my reference shelf.

    It is my dream to pen a chick lit book like my favorites! This book was extremely helpful in providing a step by step guide to accomplishing that goal. I highly recommend to any chick lit to be writer. I bought a cheap version from Barnes and Noble Bargain Books to keep as a reference. Now all I need is a little bit of time to put that pen to paper

    A fun, cute read that’s also very informative on novel-writing, both with information specifically for the chic-lit genre plus a lot of solid advice that applies to almost any type of writing. Its written in a light, breezy style, that manages to pack a lot of good tips in without leaving the reader feel overwhelmed.

    Susan Bazzett-Griffith
    An easy to read and follow guide with some good and some common sensical tips on how to write and schlep a chick lit manuscript. The authors find themselves more clever and cute than they actually are, and that smugness combined with the bright teal font make the book a lot less likable in my eyes, but overall, a decent read for what it is. Three stars.

    Angelique Jurd
    A good little handbook to have onwell yeshave on hand. This is less an "On Writing" type of book, and more a "well here's the basic formula - see what you can do with it". It has some great tips, advice and support - and is very funny. If you're starting out in romance and chicklit writing = you could do worse than to pick this to have by your side.

    this guide may not have you writing pulitzer winning stuff, but it's fun to read and extremely inspiring. i wouldn't limit it to just chick lit writers either, but anyone who is relatively new to writing fiction- though it's definitely geared towards the lady writers. i'm borrowing some fun exercises to use when i lead a teen writer's workshop at the library this winter.

    Great tips and suggested novels to read. Not only do you get a better idea of the separation between chick lit and typical romance novels, you get an idea of where this genre is going (or should go). I've started a discussion on it over at my Chick Lit group. Check it out!

    While this occasionally veers into cutesy, the authors do a really nice job of explaining the ins and outs of Chick Lit writing. Lots of good, encouraging (but realistic!) advice. This was a library copy, and I plan to buy it--which is my sign that something was a very good read.

    I really enjoyed this book. I've always wanted to write in general- not just chick-lit. Reading this was fun to hear about the chick- lit aspect- but it also had some amazing suggestions overall.Definitely one I'll keep and keep looking back at.

    I received this book for Christmas and inhaled it. It's well put together and entertaining. I have read other guides to writing and not walked away with as many ideas and helpful hints as I did with this one.

    Nicole Lynn Hoefs
    I thought this book was quite informative. It was a fast read and I learned some good tips to put to use. I especially appreciated the revision and how to get your book to likely be published sections.

    Great (quick!) read for anyone remotely interested in writing fiction. The author uses a fun format to explain the quirks of writing chick lit. Good reference guide - not too serious but still packed with good information for very novice writers.

    Fab guide to chick lit writing by excellent instructors: prolific Mylnowski pens YA too, Jacobs leans into nonfiction, and together this duo creates a dynamic guide including examples from those “who’ve been there and done that.”

    A hilarious tutorial on writing chick-lit novels.

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