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  • Title: Tarantula Woman
  • Author: Donald O'Donovan
  • ISBN: 9781452468587
  • Page: 240
  • Format: ebook

  • Located across the U.S Mexican border in Ciudad Juarez, Mariscal Street otherwise known as the Boulevard of Broken Dreams harbors Donald O Donovan s quintessential character, Jerzy Mulvaney, as he unsuccessfully courts the Tarantula Woman a prostitute named Ysela with a tattoo of a tarantula on her left shoulder blade She is just one of many women in one man s unapologLocated across the U.S Mexican border in Ciudad Juarez, Mariscal Street otherwise known as the Boulevard of Broken Dreams harbors Donald O Donovan s quintessential character, Jerzy Mulvaney, as he unsuccessfully courts the Tarantula Woman a prostitute named Ysela with a tattoo of a tarantula on her left shoulder blade She is just one of many women in one man s unapologetic and aimless existence in Mexico where each day brings another round of whorehouses, drunken stupors, odd jobs, eruptions of violence and encounters with equally directionless individuals.Not since Charles Bukowski s Factotum has a transgressive autobiographical novel touched upon with such rawness the everyday realities of a modern day American desperado Yet somewhere in the midst of all the strident nihilism, O Donovan s alter ego, Jerzy Mulvaney, manages to stumble upon an ambition of sorts to become a real Mexican I wanted to destroy whatever remained of my identity, my American identity to melt down into a primal being, because the greatest thing is to be unknown, anonymous, and truly free Rather than a work of fiction, Tarantula Woman is a refreshingly honest document that subtly addresses such essential subjects as life, love, death and the challenge of simply being.
    Donald O'Donovan
    Donald O Donovan is an optioned screenwriter and voice actor with film and audio book credits He was born in Cooperstown, New York A teenage runaway, O Donovan rode freights, traveled the U.S joined the army to get off the street, lived in Mexico, and worked at than 200 occupations including long distance truck driver, undertaker and roller skate repairman.The first draft of his novel NIGHT TRAIN was written on twenty three yellow legal pads while the author was homeless on the streets of Los Angeles.

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    Jason Brown (Toastx2)
    Donald O'Donovan I owe you an apology On March 2nd 2011, you sent me a copy of your novel Tarantula Woman. It was an interesting title and the story sounded bery interesting, but at the time, the description of it just didn't jive to start reading it. I never sat down and got involved with it. Other books took precedence and eventually it was shuffled to the bottom of a tall tall 'To Be Read' pile.4 years and change later I ran across it in my Kindle library. I don't know what caused me to start [...]

    This is a story about an American man living in Juarez, Mexico. He has a job translating and writing letters in English for his clients in Juarez, who are mainly whores. Aside from them being his clients, he is also frequently theirs.It seems the author does have a personal experience with Juarez, or at least Mexico. He details the city and the characters well. However, other than that, he does not really seem to have a very intriguing story line. The book goes on and on about the main character [...]

    Gregory Heath
    'Tarantula Woman' is a book which reeks of sex. And it's not sanitised, airbrushed sex, either - it's animalistic, sometimes violent sex, described by a narrator who lives in a world of whorehouses, drunkenness and hopeless dreams. But what a narrator Jerzy Mulvaney is: you can open this book at virtually any page and find a series of effortlessly convincing phrases, transporting you to 'the Real Mexico', with 'the pulse of the music, the drinks poured down the gullete heat-damp-touch-throb exci [...]

    Robin Edman
    Each of Mr. O'Donovan's books is so different from the other, but each has in common some exceptional writing. You slide down his long, flowing sentences into a world of relentless mayhem, in this case the joyful life of being dead broke and semi-homeless in Juarez, real Mexico. These books are always great huge slices of life; there's no plot in the classic sense, but the dizzying momentum of the storytelling keeps you moving through he story as well as any plot could. I almost want to say that [...]

    Tami Montano
    This is a dark meandering biographical tale told from perspective of a jack of all trades and a master of none. Its a drifters tale of love and loss, and desire and pain, and ends being a chapter in the life of an author.

    • [PDF] Download ↠ Tarantula Woman | by ☆ Donald O'Donovan
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