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  • Title: Aquaman: Time and Tide
  • Author: Peter David Kirk Jarvinen Brad Vancata
  • ISBN: 9781563892592
  • Page: 156
  • Format: Paperback

  • Collects the Time and Tide miniseries.
    Peter David Kirk Jarvinen Brad Vancata
    aka David PetersPeter Allen David often abbreviated PAD is an American writer, best known for his work in comic books and Star Trek novels David often jokingly describes his occupation as Writer of Stuff David is noted for his prolific writing, characterized by its mingling of real world issues with humor and references to popular culture He also uses metafiction frequently, usually to humorous effect, as in his work on the comic book Young Justice.


    Arthur sees himself as a bit of a history buff so decides to chronicle his life and it jumps around from place to place but this is mainly an origin story. It is a wild ride from start to finish which begins with the Flash showing up and helping Arthur out and giving him his superhero name which was sweet. It also shows Arthur being raised by dolphins, y'know just the usual. Then later his dolphin mother and brother having to delicately explain to Arthur why he can't fuck a dolphin and at this p [...]

    Villain E
    In the eighties Peter David took over The Incredible Hulk, a mainstay character that nobody actually wanted to work on, and turned the title into one of the top comics at the company. In the nineties he did the same thing to Aquaman. Stage one was The Atlantis Chronicles, a fresh origin for DC's Atlantis. This was stage two, a fresh origin of Aquaman. Aquaman adds his own story to the Chronicles, narrating his life. Put out to die, the infant Orin was raised by dolphins. David is an Edgar Rice B [...]

    Pablo Fern�ndez
    Un buen intento de reinventar a Aquaman, pero se queda corto en intensidad.

    Wow. I mean I didn't expect it to be great, but this was really bad. I usually love Peter David's stuff and I've always had a soft spot for Aquaman, but this was just awful. Lame story, corny dialogue, terrible art. This was a big let down. No one seems to be able to get Aquaman right. He has the potential to be a really interesting character. I wish this would have been good.

    William Thomas
    My mother took me to swimming lessons at the Mount Greenwood Park District pool when I was just three years old. Evidently, I clung to the fence for dear life, screaming bloody murder the whole time. As soon as they could pry me off the chain links and coax me into the water, I felt like I was at home. No one could stop me from getting in the water after that. I joined different swim teams until I hit high school. When I have anxiety attacks at home, I sit in the bathtub and let the shower run t [...]

    Nice retelling of Aquaman's origin and early adventures that was done as the set up for a new series. The art was nice too.Only problem, is the constant attempts to give Aquaman a tragic back story and make him all dark and serious.It's Aquaman! How grim and gritty can you be while wearing a bright orange shirt?!Like Superman, Aquaman can be written seriously, but really doesn't work if you try and make him a grim badass. He ends up sounding whiney .Writers need to concentrate and on writing him [...]

    This is almost bad enough that it should be read just to enjoy laughing AT it. The art is Saturday morning cartoon bad and at times worse. Peter David, who is a really good writer, delivers jokingly bad dialogue with plots that Stan Lee would scoff at. Please read something else.

    What I learned from this book: YOU'RE the one who's lame!

    what a great intro to aquaman. cant wait to read more.

    Originally released in 1993 (and collected as a trade paperback in 1995), Aquaman: Time & Tide was writer Peter David's attempt to make Aquaman a viable character in the DC Universe. That's no mean feat when you consider how many series the character has been unable to sustain over the years. I'm not even sure this revamp was necessary in light of the underrated 1989 Aquaman limited series and Legend of Aquaman one-shot, but I gave Time & Tide a chance because I really do love the Aquama [...]

    This book was a lot of fun. A friend loaned it to me when I mentioned I didn't know anything about Aquaman's backstory, and he brought this by the next day.It was far from perfect, and I daresay it was even a far cry from what Peter David can do at the top of his game. There are also some let's go with distressing art moments. Like Aqualad, who I was starting to think had developed a tic of some kind. And there's a bit of the cheese in dialogue now and again. Nothing in here comes off as terribl [...]

    Oscar Torrado
    Dividido en cuatro partes, Aquaman: Año Uno relata de manera amena los orígenes de este infravalorado superhéroe, así como también su primer encuentro con los humanos, con otro superhéroe (Flash), su filosofía de la vida y el encuentro con uno de sus más grandes enemigos.Es muy interesante conocer los orígenes de Aquaman tal como lo muestra Peter David y como este personaje se debate, muchas veces durante el cómic, entre sus dos naturalezas, humano y pez, interesante que también este [...]

    Never read an Aquaman comic before, thought his abilities were cool, but always thought his superhero status was less than stellar. I decided to finally read some Aquaman because the idea of him has always seemed cool to me.I knew this series was going to be good when in the first issue, the Trickster called him a "pussy fish." I guess 94 was a different time, but I laughed.The rest of the series was good at explaining some of his origin and one of his foes. Mos def read this if you haven't read [...]

    Feather Mista
    Historia pasatista y bien contada pero que deja con gusto no tanto a poco como a mal cocido. El dibujo tampoco ayuda mucho que digamos, así que no es un comic que destaque. Leído en la edición española de Zinco publicado con el nombre "Aquaman: Año Uno". Quizás después la suba y, cuando la relea, me explaye un poco en la reseña.

    Nice collection of short stories, quick read. Makes me wish David's run on Aquaman was collected so I could read more of his take on the character. Seems like people either love it or hate it. But Aquaman's kinda the same way, too, ins't he?

    I started this with very low expectations, so maybe that's why I liked it 4 stars. I liked it a lot more than I expected. Aquaman was always the weakest link in the Superfriends, but this showed a more badass side to him.

    Eric Mikols
    This was the definition of "meh". Wasn't bad, wasn't great. Not sure what the real point was, and the dolphin story was stupid. I might try to find something else to be won over to the Aquaman camp, but not anytime soon.

    i will be aquaman for next halloween. this comic has at least one amazingly laughable line that kills me.

    Dony Grayman
    Edición española. Tomo autoconclusivo que se puede considerar como el #1 de una colección de 2.Encuadernado lamentable.

    Variaciones Enrojo
    Edición española de Time and Tide. Tomo sin numerar que retroactivamente podría considerarse como el #1 del Aquaman de Zinco.

    Il lungo ciclo di Peter David su Aquaman comincia idealmente con questa mini di 4 che narra la sua storia. Una buona storia, peccato per i disegni non propriamente all'altezza delle aspettative.

    great read, nuff said

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