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  • Title: Gospel Wakefulness
  • Author: Jared C. Wilson
  • ISBN: 9781433526367
  • Page: 200
  • Format: Paperback

  • Do you ever feel like your desire for God is waning Are you numb to the routine of church What does it mean to be truly awakened to the wonder of the gospel Jared Wilson contends that we must be regularly engaged and engaging others with the good news of the sacrificing, dying, rising, exalted person of Jesus Christ Wilson reminds us of the death proof, fail proof KingDo you ever feel like your desire for God is waning Are you numb to the routine of church What does it mean to be truly awakened to the wonder of the gospel Jared Wilson contends that we must be regularly engaged and engaging others with the good news of the sacrificing, dying, rising, exalted person of Jesus Christ Wilson reminds us of the death proof, fail proof King of kings who is before all things and in all things and holding all things together, and of the Spirit s power to quicken our hearts and captivate our imaginations The message of Gospel Wakefulness will make numbness the exception rather than the norm and reawaken us to the multifaceted brilliance of the gospel.
    Jared C. Wilson
    Jared C Wilson is the Director of Content Strategy for Midwestern Baptist Theological Seminary, Managing Editor of For The Church ftc , and Director of the Pastoral Training Center at Liberty Baptist Church in Kansas City, Missouri He is the author of numerous books, including Gospel Wakefulness, The Prodigal Church, and, most recently, The Imperfect Disciple Wilson blogs regularly at gospeldrivenchurch, hosted by The Gospel Coalition and is a frequent speaker at conferences and churches around the world.


    J.S. Park
    Jared Wilson writes a stirring work with such a flawed premise that he continually detracts from his own passion and eloquence. Because of this elitist, New Age "Gospel Wakefulness" that he drills over and over, at times he appears insincere in marketing a new breed of religion that ascribes transcendental experience as orthodoxy. While he spends many pages protecting his own idea with reasonable disclaimers, this isn't enough to ward off the uneasiness that this is his idea, an extrabiblical co [...]

    Joshua Ray
    I enjoyed several aspects of this book. Wilson is a great communicator and funny at times too. I highlighted like crazy because he just says things in a memorable way many times. But the book has some issues that detracted from it in my opinion.First, the good stuff. Wilson states that "gospel wakefulness means treasuring Christ more greatly and savoring his power more sweetly." It is "not a second conversion experiencebut rather a deeper and fuller appreciation ofnversion." What Wilson is reall [...]

    Read my full review at Blogging Theologically:What’s the thing that’s supposed to captivate Christians, above all else? What should motivate us to greater heights of joy, to greater levels of confidence and boldness in our daily lives? The gospel. For the Christian, there’s no better news than the good news of Jesus’ perfect life, death and resurrection. Nothing comes close. So why is it that we seem kind of ambivalent to it—as it it were something that we need to hear once and then ca [...]

    A powerful call to live the Gospel - to eat, breath, sleep, live with the Gospel as the source of life.Jared's prose is so full of honesty, insight and worship that the call to Gospel wakefulness has an integrity and power that is rare from my experience. The exhortation and exegesis comes from a life of living it and a faith that full of its promise.The book covers a wide range of aspects of the Christian walk and includes a number of powerful and exemplary illustrations - stories told in the w [...]

    It is so easy for Christians to become numb to the Gospel. It seems like it is a daily battle. Gospel Wakefulness reminds us of the Glory of the Gospel that we cannot but help to wake up to it or even to see that we have been neglecting our first love. I appreciated so much that wakefulnes does not start and cannot start without our brokeness. It is a brokeness that is freeing and God-glorifying. We cannot proclaim the Gospel unless we see that we are broken. This explained very well in the book [...]

    Gospel Wakefulness is an excellent book that both convicts and encourages. It is something that I think all people who profess faith in Jesus Christ should read. It will definitely cause one to reevaluate your faith walk or journey and this is a good thing. I'm grateful for Jared Wilson's passion for Jesus and his exhortation for us to be gospel-centric; that we should never be bored with the gospel; that the gospel should be constantly renewing.I highly recommend this great book.

    Wonderful. Compelled me to worship over and over again.

    Josh Skinner
    "In the well-appointed study of a professor of history in a prestigious university in the American South sits a brick-sized piece of the Berlin Wall. It sits on the floor, because he uses it as a doorstop. He is not ignorant of the piece’s historical significance; as a historian he is deeply informed of the struggle and the repression attached to the wall, to the shame it symbolized and the division both literal and cultural it created. He not only knows about but also teaches on the internati [...]

    Gareth Russell
    I've struggled with some of Jared Wilson's books in the past and thought I'd give him another chance, and go back to one his earliest works that is supposed to be behind much of his writing. I wish I hadn't.In Gospel Wakefulness, Wilson contends that there are two types of Christians: normal ones, and then those who have discovered true brokenness in the gospel, and complete dependence on God -- or "Gospel Wakened Christians". That is a little unfair on Wilson, as he goes out of his way to say a [...]

    Rebecca Ray
    This is an excellent book. It caused me to reconsider my testimony and answered some questions that I had about my own conversion to Christ. I also considered how often I act like what Christ has done is just a "down payment" that I need to keep working toward. I stand convicted there, and I am also convicted for not praying when I think I know what to do. Very powerful message . I also found the chapter on depression to be more than worth the price of the whole book.

    Some very good & necessary points regarding the Gospel but I would argue wakefulness is true salvation - if any man is in Christ he is a new creation. If our eyes have been opened we will never be the same & all of live is lived in & through Christ.

    Best book I've read in a long long time!

    Jordan Cuellar
    "Gospel Wakefulness means treasuring Christ more greatly and favoring his power more sweetly."This book breaks that definition down, explaining that gospel wakefulness isn't something that you can learn, but something that happens to you. It talks about worship, depression, sanctification, brokenness, the church, and the confidence we can have in the gospel. An implied gospel is a gospel FAIL. The gospel is the power to save sinners, of which we are all the foremost. Jesus came to die so that in [...]

    Becky Pliego
    Excellent book.Some of my favorite quotes:"Grace upon grace comes rushing in, filling in the dry valleys of your life, wetting your parched skin, reviving your dry tongue. In the words of the hymn, you “scarce can take it in.” That sort of expression makes new and greater sense when you’ve experienced gospel wakefulness.""Really, there are only two steps to gospel wakefulness: be utterly broken and be utterly awed. But neither of these things are things you can really do. They are things o [...]

    This book was recommended to me, and while the overall principle of the book was good, I had a difficult time with the author's writing style because he came off as especially arrogant. Not only was he going to present a great concept to us, he has it all figured out and thank goodness he's here to explain it to us simpletons! Blech!In addition to not especially liking the author's method for explaining the concept, what it looks like, and practical applications, I really don't think we need ano [...]

    Jared Totten
    Goose pimples. Or is it goosebumps? I've heard both (perhaps it's a regional thing like the use of the words pop, soda, and Coke), but if you're like me you'll get both when you read Gospel Wakefulness by Jared C. Wilson. This book is an impassioned plea for every Christian to not just believe the truth of the gospel, but to feel and be carried along by it too. In Wilson, I found a bit of John Piper's zeal for the passion and glory of God in the gospel for a new generation. Gospel Wakefulness wa [...]

    Joseph McBee
    This book challenges Christians to stop settling for cultural Christianity and receive the real thing. It is a call for us to cry out to God for what Wilson calls Gospel Wakefulness, a revelation of Jesus Christ and the good news of the gospel that transforms the whole of a person's life.Wilson describes Gospel Wakefulness as a revelation and as a gift. This is not something we manufacture, it is something we receive from a loving God. It begins with brokenness and results in transformed affecti [...]

    Josh L
    You can read my full review at Quieted Waters.“[G]ospel wakefulness means treasuring Christ more greatly and savoring his power more sweetly.” In his upcoming book, Gospel Wakefulness, Jared C. Wilson exults in the joy of that wakefulness and yearns that all believers would experience that greater treasuring and more sweet savoring.This book is a trumpet sounding the joy of the gospel of Jesus Christ, and Wilson’s goal is that the sound would be so sweet as to beckon the reader into a rich [...]

    The gospel, Wilson argues, is not simply the starting point of the Christian faith. One never outgrows the gospel. Rather, as Christians we come to understand and treasure the gospel more fully, diving ever deeper into its riches, its beauty, and its power. The gospel, Wilson explains, is God’s power in our lives unto salvation and for our sanctification. “Gospel wakefulness” – often born out of a realization of our brokenness and sinfulness – is Wilson’s term to describe the Christi [...]

    A welcome and challenging read that makes the reader step back and consider that which is central in their lives. Wilson defines that "gospel wakefulness means treasuring Christ more greatly and savoring his power more sweetly." It is "not a second conversion experiencebut rather a deeper and fuller appreciation ofnversion." What he is writing about is gospel-centrality. The gospel should be the center of every aspect of your life and through several testimonies and articulate, well-thought out [...]

    Great book. The author and I have very different belief backgrounds and I absolutely disagree with his standings (amillennialist and Calvinist). Despite that, our common ground is Christ and the gospel, and that is the main focus of the book. I was encouraged and soothed by what I read, as well as convicted and spurred on towards nearness with Christ and spending more time soaking in the Bible. If you tend to be a perfectionist, performance based, leaning slightly towards 'works' or earning grac [...]

    Matthew Hundley
    In the forward to “Gospel Wakefulness,” Ray Ortlund poses the question, “What is the spiritual future of our churches?” In a time where churches are all about show and programs where has the focus on gospel discovery gone? Despite the good, bad and ugly of the modern church; God’s hand is at work, creating new spiritual conditions for tomorrow. Jared Wilson picks up on this theme—pointing to what seems to be the chief focus of churches today: keeping people from becoming numb to the [...]

    Jonathan Roberts
    @jaredcwilson has done it again! He has taken a concept that we take for granted, the Gospel, and unpacked the urgent need for a new awakening in our hearts to this true Gospel. I can attest from my life a period after I believed where I was not truly awakened to the Gospel and now on the other side of that awakening I can see I truly went from death to life. Wilson's book captures this in many different ways. I have been blessed by Wilson's teachings, ministry and books and I think you will be [...]

    The great challenge is to go against the natural instinct of regarding the Gospel as the entrance ticket and then relying on self to run the rest of the race. The Gospel is both the means and the end to a Christian's life. No other can. The author has clearly experienced the joy and confidence from his awakening, and has clearly thought through how it then permeates into every aspect of our lives. Of course a Gospel awakening is definitely more than just a mere stimulation for the brain but must [...]

    Andrew Barlow
    This is probably the best representative of the gospel-centered movement. Wilson is a great writer. Essentially the book makes the case that there is Christianity (being saved) and there is Gospel-wakened Christianity (being apprehended by the gospel). These can happen simultaneously, or they can happen separately. Having made his case, the remainder of the book seeks to explain and encourage gospel-wakefulness. I enjoyed this book a lot, but I'm not sure his model of sanctification is completel [...]

    I almost hate to give this book only 3/5, because there's some great stuff in here, and I can imagine that it would be a fantastic book for the right readers (and the high score reflects that). There's something that just doesn't catch me for the first half of the book, although it does pick up. It's close to something really good for me, but I can't quite figure out why I don't like it more than I do.

    What is gospel wakefulness? It is being utterly captivated and astonished by the good news of forgiveness and life in Jesus Christ and this book explores the concept by addressing the true gospel and brokenness, hyperspirituality, depression, gospel-driven sanctification and the gospel-driven church. How I want to be awakened to the glories of God in Christ and to live my life as a testimony of astonishment! One of the best books I've read this year, or any year. Highly recommended!

    Todd Stone
    I enjoyed the overall thrust of the book, and I think that Jared Wilson has the makings of a good writer. but this book could have been half as long. the trend of young pastors writing books about the Gospel, while encouraging in the sense that there is a market for these books, is nevertheless exposing them as less than capable writers. I was greatly encouraged by this book, but lost interest about halfway through.

    Alex Hannis
    The introduction and first couple chapters got me really intrigued. He talked about something I had experienced without ever being able to call it anything. In that regard, I loved it. In my opinion, the rest of the book was just saying the same things every other “gospel-centered” person has been saying for years, which indeed, needs to be said. And, if the person reading the book had never heard those things before, it's even better. Quality book, would definitely recommend.

    Robert Iannuccilli
    I find that with many books written today that, while they start out good, making important points, about half way through they run low on meaningful things to say. I thought this was going to be the case about a third of the way through Gospel Wakefulness, but to my delightful surprise, the second half of the book is most profitable of all!

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