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  • Title: Holly Blues
  • Author: Susan Wittig Albert
  • ISBN: 9780425240618
  • Page: 150
  • Format: Paperback

  • China Bayles isn t happy when a Texas wind blows her husband s ex wife, and the mother of China s stepson, into her herb shop Sally is known to have a split personality and fall into constant trouble with the law, but she claims she has nowhere else to turn Now its up to China to weed out whatever it is Sally s running from before the truth catches up to them all.
    Susan Wittig Albert
    Susan is the author co author of biographical historical fiction, mysteries, and nonfictionE DARLING DAHLIAS AND THE UNLUCKY CLOVER 7 in the Darling Dahlias series, set in the early 1930s in fictional Darling AL coming March 2018 QUEEN ANNE S LACE, 26 in the China Bayles series coming April 2018 THE GENERAL S WOMEN Kay, Mamie, and Ike the wartime romance that could have derailed a presidency LOVING ELEANOR A novel about the intimate 30 year friendship of Eleanor Roosevelt and Lorena Hickok, based on their lettersA WILDER ROSE the true story of Rose Wilder Lane, who transformed her mother from a farm wife and occasional writer to a literary iconTHE TALE OF CASTLE COTTAGE, 8 in the Cottage Tales of Beatrix PotterDEATH ON THE LIZARD, the 12th and last 2006 of the Robin Paige series, by Susan and Bill AlbertTOGETHER, ALONE A MEMOIR OF MARRIAGE AND PLACEAN EXTRAORDINARY YEAR OF ORDINARY DAYSWORK OF HER OWN A WOMAN S GUIDE TO RIGHT LIVELIHOOD reissue coming in late 2013 WRITING FROM LIFE TELLING YOUR SOUL S STORY reissue coming in late 2013 websites Free eletters at AbouthymeSusan s blogSusan s nonfiction websiteFollow Susan on TwitterFollow Susan on FacebookFollow Susan on Pinterest


    Maria Alau
    I love China Bayles; I really do, but I must admit that Iam getting tired of Ms. Albert's habit of re-hashing of who everyone is and how they're connected. I appreciate that she's not assuming that everyone has read all of the series, but sometimes I wish she would. I would rather see a "who's who" index in the front or back of the book, rather than taking up valuable story space.However, once beyond that the story continues on with McQuaid's ex, Sally, showing up at Christmas time, and seemingl [...]

    The Greyhound bus rolled to a stop in front of the Pecan Springs bus depot.I truly believe that there are few series as good as the China Bayles mysteries. These books suck me in from the start and I often find them difficult to put down. I'm not sure why I have waited so long between some of the later books. Particularly since I have them all in hardcover and most of them are autographed.The book opens with McQuaid's ex wife, Sally, showing up in Pecan Springs. She approaches China first with h [...]

    Heidi Burkhart
    I enjoyed this story! Another good multitasking audiobook.

    China is at it again, and she's accompanied by the usual cast of characters. Sally, McQuaid's ex-wife and Brian's mother, shows up at China's doorstep with a mystery in hand and secrets hidden in her large duffle. Because it's right before Christmas, China falls for Sally's tale of woe and offers her a place to stay until after the holiday. China soon is ruing her decision when Sally admits she's being stalked by an ex, and with McQuaid out of town, Ruby and China start investigating. This book [...]

    Yes, still reading these because they are simple for a busy time! I was even willing to read this one set at Christmas time. I loved learning all the legends and facts about holly--one of my favorite plants. I think what appeals about the writing is that some of it is in first person--the voice of the main character, China, who is the main detective in these. That writing is contrasted with straight narrative--in this book that was mostly about China's husband, McQuaid, who was detecting in anot [...]

    Teresa in Ohio
    Usually when reading a series, with this many additions it is like catching up with an old friend, not this time. China is quite whiny and preachy throughout the whole book. Characters talking to the reader while telling the story, usually is a fun thing for me. I get information other characters don't have and it adds to the depth of the plot. Instead I get a lecture from China about how bad the economy is and how urban sprawl is hurting the Texas countryside. If I want this I will watch the ne [...]

    After "Wormwood" (which I enjoyed, but it was a departure in many ways from the China Bayles series), I really enjoyed getting back to the gang in Pecan Springs and getting involved in a mystery in familiar settings.China and Ruby are in perfect amateur-sleuth form as they go tracking down the latest mystery, which is a good one.Won't give away any spoilers, but will say that along with just enjoying the heck out of the main story with China & Ruby, that the reuniting romantically of a coupl [...]

    Jean Perry
    I was disappointed in this Albert book. She described EVERYTHING, from the kind of treees that lined the lane to their house, to the kind of sodas in the soda machine of the diner. It seemed to be filler. The mystery story was interesting, but i skimmed a lot of it. Some description is helpful to get the scene, but this was way too much.

    Sue Jellum
    Not her best effort. Nothing new, just seemed like entire pieces were lifted from her other books and assembled to make this one. I really don't care about Ruby's outfit, and I have read the description of Pecan Springs too many times already.

    This series is still going strong! I could have read Holly Blues in one day, it was that compelling, but I want to savor these China Bayles books while I can

    China has decided to be nice to her husband's ex-wife when she shows up unexpectedly but it doesn't take her long to wonder if she made a good choice. While McQuaid, China's husband has to be out of town, Sally seems to change her story quite often. How will China and her family have a nice Christmas as long as the ex is around? The second question is, will they all still be alive when Christmas comes? An interesting read. I think I would like to read more in this series.

    Another good China Baylee’s mystery, with Ruby as her sidekick, co-detective.I like the characters that recur in these books, and also the family values that China has.The story kept me interested right until the end.And there is always the food mentioned in the book - that China cooks, or is available in the tea room behind her store. Great recipes.

    Holly Blues (China Bayles, #18) by Susan Wittig Albertfrom the librarysafe for feminists

    I love a good series. The characters become like friends. This was another good one in the China Bayles series.

    This story seemed to drag. It took forever to get to the punchline. There are several recipes in the back that sound promising!

    Love, love loved! Great addition to the series!

    Susan Ideus
    "let's take time out for introductions. Some of you already know me and have visited my shop a dozen times or more. Others—well, maybe this is your first visit, and you haven't a clue to who we are or what we're talking about. So, my name is China Bayles." One of the best parts of Holly Blues, or any of the China Bayles series, is the warm welcome. The reader is immediately drawn into the world of Pecan Springs, China, McQuaid, Ruby, and all of the other folks in this small Texas Hill Country [...]

    I've been reading Susan Wittig Albert's China Bayles series for several years, and, of course, since I'm an OCD reader, I read the books in the order that they were published. But in looking at a list of the books in the series recently, I realized that I had somehow managed to skip one. Horrors! Naturally, I had to circle back and pick it up immediately. That's how I came to be reading Holly Blues, the eighteenth in a series that will soon number twenty-four.Visiting with China is like being wi [...]

    #18 in the China Bayles "herb shop" mystery series. Pecan Springs is getting ready for Christmas, and China is glad to see an upswing in business at Thyme & Seasons. The poor economy has hit small businesses hard, especially businesses that sell non-essential items, so belts are beginning to tighten a bit in the McQuaid-Bayles household. They are also adjusting to having China's niece whom she and Mike have adopted since the death of her half-brother. This will be Kate's first Christmas with [...]

    Teena in Toronto
    This is the first China Bayles story I've read it's apparently the 18th in the series. I was attracted to it because it's a mystery with a female detective (even though she owns an herb/tea shop).I enjoyed the writing, though I found it went off on a tangent sometimes that had nothing to do with the story. For example, sometimes it veered off into a conversational tone (where we got a lesson in herbs or China described how much she liked baths) that conflicted with the tone of a murder mystery [...]

    Alannah Davis
    I've spent the past couple of weeks catching up on the books in the China Bayles series that I missed during a chunk of my life when I wasn't doing much reading. With "Holly Blues," I'm now all caught up and feeling rather bittersweet about it. It's good to be completely up to date on the series, yet these past few weeks with China have been like reconnecting with an old friend. I hate for that time to end.In "Holly Blues," McQuaid's ex-wife Sally turns up seeking a place to stay. Maybe the Chri [...]

    Another excellent book in the China Bayles's series!

    I enjoyed the book Holly Blues by Susan Wittig Albert just as much as I have enjoyed every one of the other books in the China Bayles series. The plot was fast moving and definitely kept the reader in suspense. The emphasis in Albert's mystery books is not as much on the crimes committed but on the keen mind and resourcefulness of China Bayles and her relationships with her good friend Ruby Wilcox, police chief Sheila Dawson, husband Mike Quaid, and her stepson and now the newest family member, [...]

    My first read this year of Christmastime books, and an enjoyable one. Lawyer-turned-small-businesswomen China Bayles is busy getting ready for Christmas, both personally and with her business, where she sells herbs and herbal products. She is looking forward to making a good holiday for herself, her husband, her stepson, and her niece Caitlin who has recently joined her family.Then her husband's ex-wife Sally suddenly shows up. Sally is pretty much a disaster, and as usual seems to have troubles [...]

    Fredell Boston
    The book opens with McQuaid's ex wife, Sally, showing up in Pecan Springs. She approaches China first with her down on her luck story.Although Sally usually rubs China the wrong way and rarely tells the truth. China wants to finally believe that there is good in Sally. We learn more about Sally's problems and her diagnosis of dissociative multiple personality disorder. Sally is obviously on the run. Her demons follow her to Pecan Springs and create havoc for all involved.The book alternates betw [...]

    Robert Schneider
    First off let me say that I have not read any of this series and that I do realize this is the 18th. I picked it up because it had a Christmas theme. As you can see by the 2 stars I didn't think much of this book. I can't go into detail without spoilers so all I will say was nothing much happened in the mail plot but lots seemed to happen in the secondary characters lives. Too bad it would only mean something to followers of the series. I was bored enough with what was going on that I kept stopp [...]

    (3.5 stars) This is the 18th book in the China Bayles series and occurs around the Christmas holidays. China is getting used to being a mom to both her stepson, Brian, and to the daughter of her deceased half-brother. Her life is put out of kilter by the arrival of Brian's mother, Sally who begs to stay with them while she tries to put her life back on track. her husband, McQuaid is dubious of Sally's motives, but agrees to let her stay. But when it appears that Sally has a stalker who may have [...]

    As usual I love the newest China Bayles mystery by Susan Wittig Albert. Outside of bibliomysteries this is one of my favorite series. I like the combination of mystery and personal relationships that Albert builds into her stories. In this "episode" we learn quite a bit more about McQuaid's first wife/Brian's mother. Ruby is, as always, China's perfect sidekick. For those that like to read books by the season they are set in, this is a Christmas season setting so you might want to hold off until [...]

    I really enjoyed this book, reading about China is always like catching up with an old friend. It was nice to have Mike (the husband) more involved in the mystery, not just sent out of town to fret.China's friend Ruby was her normal colourful self, I have a wonderful mental picture of her dressed all in yellow - her "big bird" outfit.The bodies seem to pile up in this small town, but the motive always seems believable. The recipes included range from Peppermint Cupcakes, Sausage-Corn Chowder (wh [...]

    Ellen Moore
    I enjoyed this book. It was the Christmas season with holiday cooking, decorating, and activities. McQuaid's ex--Brian's mom Sally-- showed up with no resources and no place to stay for the holidays. China invited her to their home, and things soon got complicated with Sally implicated in several murders that occurred, a dangerous man stalking Sally, Sally disappearing, and China and Ruby looking into the crimes while McQuaid was out of town on another case. The investigation and solution were i [...]

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